Barber Throws Man Through Window Because He Didn't Like His Haircut

This file photo shows a man getting a haircut at a barber shop in lower Manhattan, New York October 14, 2014. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

A Brooklyn man suffered facial injuries after being thrown through the front window of a barbershop because he complained about his haircut.

An argument broke out after the 33-year-old victim told employees at the shop he didn't like his new trim, and threatened to withhold payment, the New York Daily News reported.

His barber quickly ended the dispute by grabbing the man and forcing him through a glass window at the front of the shop, his head breaking through just below the Levels Barbershop logo.

The man's face was sliced open by the jagged edges and paramedics were quickly called to assist. The barber reportedly fled the scene before police could arrive.

Free Small, a 39-year-old barber at the shop, said the customer "didn't see the push coming." He said that nobody could have expected the unhappy customer to end up leaving via the glass storefront. Regardless, Small believes the stylist didn't mean to seriously hurt the man. "You don't know how bad a situation is going to get before you even react," he said, "And even though you ain't mean to do it, it's done."

Donald Romelus, 40, is also a barber at the shop. He said he immediately noticed that the man was bleeding, and he and Smalls rushed to get towels to help stop the flow of blood.

Photos taken at the scene show a significant hole in the storefront window, with large shards of glass scattered across the sidewalk. Paramedics loaded the victim into an ambulance and took him to Kings County Hospital for treatment.

Small and Romelus both said they did not know the barber who cut the customer's hair, and face, claiming they did not even know how to get in touch with him.

Small told the Daily News he learned a valuable lesson from the confrontation. "Communication is key," he said. "I would have fixed the dude's hair for him for free. Especially if I knew it was going to be a problem."