Barista Calls Out Customer With Complicated Drink Order in Viral Video

A video showing the moment a Starbucks barista tried to publicly embarrass a customer with a complicated mobile order has gone viral.

The video was posted to TikTok on Tuesday by Destiny's Mistake (@oscurrrrr), who wrote: "Hope it was worth it sweetie." So far, the post has received nearly 190,000 views and more than 29,000 likes.

The video opens with a photo of a drink ticket for an iced white chocolate mocha with 15 modifications. According to the photo, the customer wanted the barista to add 12 shots of espresso, several pumps of chai and a combined 24 pumps of peppermint, vanilla, mocha and toasted white mocha syrups.

The customer also requested that various powders be added to the drink, and wanted each of his 12 shots to be "long shots."

In the post's comments section, the TikToker said the drink cost nearly $20.

Upset, the TikToker decided to embarrass the customer in front of the entire cafe.

"Some dude mobile ordered this drink to [f**k] with us," reads the video's text overlay. "So I aired him out to the whole cafe."

In the next part of the video, the TikToker can be heard reading the entire order out to the cafe instead of simply calling the customer by name to tell them the order is ready.

The customer laughs as they grab the order. Meanwhile, the rest of the cafe gives the barista a round of applause.

"I just know that felt so good," commented TikTok user k dawg.

Starbucks drink
A video that shows the moment a Starbucks barista tried to publicly embarrass a customer with a complicated mobile order has gone viral. Naomi Baker / Staff/Getty

As it turns out, these custom orders have had a significant, positive impact on the coffee chain's overall revenue.

In January 2021, Starbucks recorded its "highest-ever quarterly revenues...which the chain credited in part to more customers ordering customized drinks and cold beverages, as well as a record number of people adding food to their orders," Insider reported.

But while custom orders spell success for the company, they tend to stress out the baristas who have to make them.

Speaking to The Guardian, a Starbucks shift supervisor said: "These orders are driving us insane because they're so long, so specific and it requires you to do much more work than you should be doing for one single drink and they're not being adequately translated into our labor hours."

But despite how vocal baristas have been about these orders, some customers are still going wild with modifications, as evidenced by the now-viral TikTok.

Of course, the order featured in the video isn't the first highly modified Starbucks order to garner online attention.

Last May, a barista tweeted that a customer of theirs ordered a venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino, but wanted the barista to include several additional pumps of syrups, extra Frappuccino chips and ice, as well as a few other modifications.

The tweet quickly went viral and inspired other Starbucks baristas to share the complicated orders they'd been tasked to make.