Barista Reveals 'One of the Strangest' Drinks They've Made in Video Viewed 4 Million Times

A Starbucks barista has gone viral for sharing "one of the strangest" drinks they've ever made. However, most commenters didn't think the drink looked strange at all. In fact, many said they'd want to try it.

The TikTok posted by Starbucks Spider-Man (@kenmixtape) has received 4.6 million views and over 700,000 likes in the last three days. In the video captioned, "I don't even know anymore," the barista asks his viewers: "Y'all wanna see one of the strangest drinks I've ever made?"

The barista places a cup on the counter and proceeds to pour milk into it. Next, he dumps the milk into a blender and adds Frappuccino base, vanilla bean powder and ice. Once the drink has been blended, he pours the contents back into the cup.

"Looks like a regular vanilla bean frappe, right?" he asks the camera. "Just wait."

The barista then pours a shot of espresso into the drink and finishes it off with a caramel drizzle.

The TikToker calls it a "Caramel Macchiato Frappuccino."

Though the drink was meant to be strange, many thought it looked delicious.

"That's brilliant," said one commenter. "Espresso ice cream."

"Okay. Yes. Yes I want it. I need it," said TikToker MommaCusses. "I'm sorry baristas at my Starbucks."

"That's not even strange, that sounds lit," said another.

But, the frappuccino isn't the only strange drink he's had to make.

A couple of days later, the same creator posted a separate video in which he made an entirely different drink. In the video, he says: "This is the grossest drink anyone has ever ordered, no cap."

In the TikTok's caption, Starbucks Spider-Man said that the original version of the video had been taken down for "harassment," so he re-posted a shortened version. The video has received nearly 180,000 views.

Much like in the previous video, he walks viewers through the drink, which includes mango dragonfruit, lemonade, ice and espresso.

"This is so disgusting, seriously," he says as he shakes the ingredients together in a tea shaker before serving the drink.

Unlike with the caramel macchiato frappuccino, commenters were a bit repulsed by this drink order.

"When I tell you I gagged," said one.

"NOT THE ESPRESSO IN A REFRESHER," added someone else.

"Someone is having a TOUGH morning," one commenter said in response to the drink.

Before the initial video was taken down, someone asked Starbucks Spider-Man to try the drink on camera. So, he created a TikTok video in which he did just that.

As he raises the sample cup to take a sip, his co-worker can be heard saying, "don't do it." But he ignores her and takes a deep breath before sampling the drink. Immediately, he makes a face of total disgust and eventually uses mouth spray to get rid of the lingering taste.

The two drinks are the most recent in a laundry list of orders that have taken TikTok by storm. But whereas the drinks made by Starbucks Spider-Man are simply odd, other more popular TikTok drinks are quite complicated and have been deemed "exhausting" to make.

In May, a tweet revealing a customer's extensive drink order went viral and prompted many other baristas to share some of their most complicated requests. In response, New York Magazine and Huffington Post contributor Yashar Ali tweeted his thoughts, calling those who order complicated TikTok drinks "selfish."

"I'm going to get yelled at for this by some but I just think it's so selfish to order insane drinks like this at a Starbucks and it's become so prevalent especially due to TikTok," he wrote. "I don't care if you're paying for it, it's still selfish."

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A Starbucks barista has gone viral for sharing “one of the strangest” drinks they’ve ever made in a TikTok video. Naomi Baker / Staff/Getty