Baseball Fans Trolled by Rest of World for Being Impressed with a Barehanded Catch

Baseball fans have come in for ridicule online over the reaction to a barehanded catch from Miami Marlins rookie outfielder Jesús Sánchez.

Sánchez demonstrated some impressive hand-eye coordination to catch a 272-foot hit out to right field from the Washington Nationals' Lane Thomas during Monday night's 8-7 Marlins victory at loanDepot park.

A can of corn for Jesús Sánchez. 😂

(MLB x @GoogleCloud)

— MLB (@MLB) September 21, 2021

The catch drew comparisons with one made by former San Francisco Giants outfielder Kevin Mitchell from an Ozzie Smith fly ball at Busch Stadium back in April 1989.

Who did it better: Jesus Sanchez or Kevin Mitchell?

— Baseball Quotes (@BaseballQuotes1) September 21, 2021

Footage of Sánchez's seemingly effortless catch, along with Thomas's stunned reaction and pitcher Jesús Luzardo's charming tip of the cap to the rookie outfielder, went viral on Twitter after Sports Illustrated shared the clip.

The video captioned "Just casually catching a flyball with your barehand" was originally posted by Major League Baseball and has now been viewed over 1.2 million times.

But while baseball fans are sufficiently impressed by Sánchez's feats, it would appear that the rest of the watching sports world is considerably less so.

The criticism was especially fierce among fans of cricket.

Peter Miller, a cricket journalist and broadcaster, was among those to poke fun at the play, sharing the clip and writing: "Love it when baseball gets all excited about what is basically the easiest catch you could pull off on the boundary of a cricket field."

Abhishek Mukherjee, another cricket writer and historian of the game also posted the video, writing: "Catches taken with bare hands.. being applauded. Ok then."

English journalist Chris Wray was similarly scathing of the praise being doled out to Sanchez over the catch.

"Poor Americans thinking an average rounders catch is something special. I don't even like Cricket, but I know far better happens there on a fairly regular basis," he wrote."Then again, I look at Gridiron the same way, knowing they'd never manage to play rugby."

Piers Morgan's son, Spencer Morgan, posted the video on Twitter, writing sarcastically: "Wow. Never seen anything like this before."

The clip was also shared by the account of popular Premier League soccer account HLTCO, who commented: "There isn't a cricket fan alive who'll watch this without scoffing."

Superman without gloves

— . (@JokerEdits32) September 22, 2021

Cricket fans also flooded the tweet's comments section with remarks dismissing the feat as, in the words of one user eltav, "just a regular day in cricket."

"Americans really need to have a look at what is going on in the rest of the world," Boknroll commented. "That was a good cricket catch in 1950."

Binam_Mishra described the catch as "absolute rubbish" adding that "cricket fans must be laughing at this."

Shubhamargade9 gave baseball fans both barrels, writing: "Have you ever seen any sportsman catching barehands? Ohh, Inever knew baseball was game of such wussies."

Bobbinsgaming responded: "Imagine being American and thinking this was remotely impressive in any way, what a country" while IshamelKarim urged baseball fans to "watch cricket" branding baseball a "cheap copy" of the sport.

One of the most brutal claims came from the user OhMyHessNess, who wrote: "I used to coach primary school cricket and I'd be disappointed if one of the 10 year olds dropped that. Baseball is a pathetic sport."

Several cricket fans even responded with clips of catches they viewed as vastly superior to the one in the MLB clip.

Americans gassing this. Ben Stokes says hi 🏏

— Kurtle. 🐢 (@Kmiles91) September 21, 2021

Despite the backlash, there was a small contingent who attempted to defend Sanchez's feat against the criticism.

NoakseyKLTFC wrote: "Stuff like this is rare, with a ball hit with an exit velocity of 97/98mph, and the ball literally like a rock, this genuinely, is class. I've seen this once, maybe twice in my life."

Sm11ccc added: "I can confirm this f***ing hurts."

NBC's Alexander Smith, clearly anticipating the pile-on, asked "Has cricket bore Twitter seen this yet?" It turns out they had.

Newsweek has contacted Major League Baseball for comment.

Miami Marlins star Jesus Sanchez celebrates victory.
Jesus Sanchez #76 of the Miami Marlins celebrates after hitting a two-run home run off Erick Fedde #23 of the Washington Nationals - Sanchez went viral thanks to a bare-handed catch during the game, but not everyone was that impressed. Michael Reaves/Getty