Video of Baseball Fan Catching Ball While Feeding Baby Viewed 700k Times

A video of a baseball fan catching a foul ball heading into the stands while feeding a baby has gone viral on social media.

The feat happened on Tuesday night during a game between the Cincinnati Reds and the San Diego Padres. The video has been viewed over 700,000 times on Twitter.

The Reds shared the shocking moment on its Twitter page and captioned the clip "Catching a foul ball while bottle-feeding the baby... just dad things."

The video showed the fan leaning forward out of his seat to catch the ball. The whole time his other hand continued to feed the baby with a milk bottle.

The people who sat next to the man began to applaud and celebrate when they realized the fan made the catch.

After that moment, the Reds commentator John Sadak praised the man for his feat.

"Nice job, while feeding the baby, wow," Sadak said.

Baseball catch
Stock image of a hand catching a baseball. A video of a baseball fan catching a ball while feeding a baby has gone viral. Getty Images

"Holds the bottle, no spillage, baby in perfect bliss and a souvenir."

A Kens5 report identified the catcher as Jacob Kingsley and said he was seated in section 119 behind the visitors' dugout with his wife, Jordan.

"Safety first, obviously. I saw the ball pop up. Had some fierce competition," Kingsley told Bally sports.

"[I] wanted to protect him, baby first. It's his first Reds game, we have the certificate. This will be a great memory for him."

The Reds went on to lose the game to the Padres 9-6.

Earlier this month, Newsweek reported on a baseball-themed gender reveal that also went viral on social media.

TikToker @hannah.j.c16, shared the clip of the parents-to-be announcing they were having a baby boy for her followers at the beginning of April and the video has amassed almost 24 million views.

In the video, the TikToker is seen tossing a baseball to her boyfriend, Travis Gober, which he hits to reveal a burst of blue pigment.

Gober, who plays baseball for the University of New Orleans, then has his teammates storm the field to congratulate him.

This left Hannah on the outskirts of the group with some internet viewers claiming the act was disrespectful to the expectant mother.

@hannah.j.c16, whose full name is Hannah Calverley spoke to Newsweek and dismissed these comments and explained why they chose to do the reveal with Gober's teammates.

She said they lived seven hours away from their family and they are both big baseball fans.

"Obviously we wanted to do the reveal baseball-related in some way since we are both huge baseball fans!"

"I definitely was never upset or hurt in any way by the response of his teammates and was overjoyed that everyone was so supportive," she said. "I wouldn't say they 'dodged' me because after the video stopped everyone gave me lots of hugs and congratulated both of us! Not to [mention] everyone was so overjoyed they [sic] we were adding 'new player' [to] the team!"