Bat Dog Apologizes to Cavan Biggio, Blue Jays After Running on Field Mid-Inning

Even the most polished bat dog can get overexcited sometimes, and Rookie the Bat Dog said he was sorry for getting away.

The legendary golden retriever/bat dog shared remorse on Twitter after he charged onto the field during the first inning of the Triple-A baseball game between Lehigh Valley and Buffalo on Wednesday.

Rookie has retrieved bats for the minor-league Trenton Thunder since 2013—he is the third bat dog for Trenton since his grandfather Chase became the first trained bat dog in 2000—and got a little overzealous and took off from the Bison's dugout to the mound during Cavan Biggio's at bat at Sahlen Field.

Cavan Biggio
Cavan Biggio's first-inning at-bat was delayed when Rookie the Bat Dog ran onto the field during Biggio's rehab game for the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons on Wednesday. Here, Biggio takes an at-bat as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays during a game against the Seattle Mariners on June 29 in Buffalo. Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

Lehigh Valley starter Colton Eastman seemed fine despite the large dog charging at him. Biggio, the Blue Jays infielder/outfielder who is on a rehab assignment while recovering from an ankle injury, seemed unperturbed by Rookie's on-field appearance as well.

.@BatdogRookie got a little excited during his Sahlen Field debut with the @BuffaloBisons 🤣

We still love him @TrentonThunder.

— Minor League Baseball (@MiLB) September 22, 2021

But that didn't stop the dog from feeling remorse, and his Twitter account explained what happened and how he committed the rare in-game gaffe.

I want to apologize to my fren Cavan Biggio, for running out on the field last night during his at bat in the @BuffaloBisons game. I was just so excited to be retrieving bats again. I hope Cavan and @BlueJays are not mad at me.#sorry

— Rookie (@BatdogRookie) September 23, 2021

The video was viewed nearly one million times on Twitter as of Thursday, and baseball fans, dog people and even dog-related accounts online quickly rushed to Rookie's aid.

Rookie did nothing wrong, I'd like to see where in the MiLB rulebook it specifically says a dog can't visit the pitcher's mound to make a friend

— ℳatt (@matttomic) September 23, 2021

Checking MILB First Pitch for the official scorekeeper’s ruling.

I have it down as a rule 6.02(a) Bark. The ball is dead, and each runner shall advance one base without liability to be put out.

— Matthew Cole 👨🏻‍💻 (@__colematt) September 23, 2021

Telling the pitcher to throw the ball already so the batter can hit and he can go to work! Good boy @BatdogRookie !!

— Aries Doberman (@AriesDoberman) September 23, 2021

Rookie was making his first appearance in Buffalo in conjunction with the Bisons Dog Night promotion. He is no stranger to the Buffalo players, even though Wednesday was his first trip to the ballpark in Western New York because he bat-dogged for games while Trenton hosted the Blue Jays Triple-A affiliate for the season's first three months while the Blue Jays played home games first in Dunedin, Florida then in Buffalo due to the U.S.-Canada border closing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bisons returned to Buffalo on August 10 after the Blue Jays were given border exemptions to cross into the United States and return without needing to quarantine. The Blue Jays have been playing home games at Rogers Centre since July 30.

His account said Rookie was a little over-excited to see so many familiar faces that he hadn't in nearly two months.

I still have a problem going from the third base dugout on the first bat. But I did better after that one. Yes I was excited to see my @TrentonThunder frens again who are now playing with @BuffaloBisons .

— Rookie (@BatdogRookie) September 23, 2021

Despite the early-game jitters, it seemed Rookie overcame the mistake and settled in, making it an enjoyable experience for the 2,518 human fans in attendance and those who brought their dogs.

Tonight was a lot of fun, being with @BuffaloBisons. I loved being able to go all over the stadium and giving out my baseball card to the fans, especially the kids.

— Rookie (@BatdogRookie) September 23, 2021

Rookie was the only dog to pause the action Wednesday, but his wasn't the only delay in the game. Rain caused the game to end in the seventh inning with the IronPigs claiming a 3-0 victory.