Battle of Winterfell's 'The Long Night' Named 'Game of Thrones' Second Lowest Ranked Episode Ever

The long awaited Battle of Winterfell didn't wow viewers or critics, ratings of the show say. The episode, officially titled "The Long Night," is the worst-rated Game of Thrones episode since Season 5, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Critics on the rating website gave the episode 74 percent approval.

That means there's only one episode of the show to have ever placed lower in Rotten Tomatoes rankings. Season 5 Episode 6, "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken", scored an unlikely 54 percent approval rating, likely because of its depiction of Sansa Stark's rape by Ramsay Bolton. Most episodes of the fantasy, action series rank between 85 and 100 percent. The average is 94 percent.

Season 8 of the show, which has only premiered three of six episodes thus far, is also the lowest rated season. Rotten Tomatoes has the recent season at an 85 percent rating while all others have rested in the 90s. That's not to say there won't be an improvement on the season's numerical stance as more episodes are added. Episodic ratings have the potential to change the show's season average.

Twitter fans have mixed opinions on the Battle of Winterfell as well. Some claim it was one of the best battles to take place in Westeros. Many commented on the skill and grace of Arya Stark, who ended the battle when she killed the Night King. This slick move ended his entire army of the dead. The moment was certainly one to remember, as it solidified Arya as a major strength. But past the moment, some were concerned that the battle didn't give too many plot points to bring into future episodes.

A shockingly low level of main-character deaths stunned some viewers, according to Twitter conversations. While Theon Greyjoy and Jorah Mormont met their ends, they were among the only dramatic deaths of the episode. Some called it unlikely that so many of the leading warriors would survive such a tough battle.

Now, the focus will fall on the Iron Throne. A handful of fans claimed the quick acceleration of the army of the dead did not align with the seven prior seasons teasing "Winter Is Coming." While most celebrated Arya's triumph, some said it was too anticlimactic to be the full end to the White Walker saga.

The Rotten Tomatoes description describes a similar feeling. "Winter is here and Arya Stark may officially be the baddest woman in the land, but despite delivering some epic and emotional moments "The Long Night" leaves a few things to be desired (lighting, anyone?) heading into the final stretch," the quick note read.