‘Battlefield V’ Map Count, Factions, Classes & Release Window Leaked

Battlefield V takes players back to World War II, and a detailed leak from YouTube’s Drakesden offers tons of advance details. His video first surfaced in mid-February and has since gained traction now that rumors of Battlefield V have made their way to the masses.

You can watch Drakesden’s clip above, but here’s a quick summary of everything we know:

  • Factions: There are seven factions including Great Britain, the United States, Free French, Third Reich, Kingdom Of Italy, USSR and Imperial Japan.
  • Maps: The retail game will launch with 10 maps with one free map arriving shortly thereafter.
  • DLC: Will work through a Premium Pass like always. Subject of DLC has not been decided.
  • Combat: Skill plays a bigger role with the removal of random bullet deviation found in Battlefield 1.
  • Attachments: They return for Battlefield V. Options include suppressors, sights, scopes and more.
  • Four Classes: Assault (a medic with AR weapons), Support (LMGs, ammo access), Recon (Bolt actions for long range) and Engineer (SMGs, anti-tank weapons).
  • All-Kit Weapons: Some weapons will work for all classes like the M1 Garand.
  • Elite Classes & Behemoths Return
  • Customization: Cosmetic skins make their debut. They offer different combinations of headwear, footwear and camo. Skins will be sold as a cosmetic microtransaction.
  • Vehicles: Vehicles will function similar to Battlefield 3 and  Battlefield 4. They require skillful operation and include tanks, Jeeps, planes and more. Like soldiers, vehicles can also be customized with cosmetics.
  • Modes: Operations return and Incursions will be available at launch
  • Release Details: The game will be revealed in May with a beta in August and release in October.

Like all leaks, this Battlefield V information is unofficial and may not be accurate. However trusted leakers within the Battlefield community, such as AmightyDaq, have verified these findings. Statements made in the video also align with a recent report from Kotaku that suggests EA was afraid to include non-cosmetic loot boxes in the upcoming game. All indicators point to these details being accurate, but we won’t know for sure until Battlefield V is formally revealed.

Battlefield 1 plane Vehicles will have an even bigger presence in ‘Battlefield V’ this fall. EA/DICE

Should the leak be correct, its biggest highlights are the return of the Engineer class and weapon attachments. Both features were sorely missing from Battlefield 1, but the more modern setting of Battlefield V allows those options to make sense. It’s also interesting to see that, unlike Call Of Duty: WWII, Battlefield V will have some level of focus on Pacific warfare. That could be especially interesting if those themes find their way into the campaign.

Will Battlefield V stick to its October release target knowing that Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 officially launches Oct. 12? As of now, it would appear Battlefield V must launch early in the month to avoid being overshadowed by Call Of Duty and Red Dead Redemption 2 on Oct. 26. Battlefield 1 made its debut on Oct. 21, 2016, but that date won’t be very effective this year.

What are your thoughts on these Battlefield V rumors? Will this game get swallowed up by October’s big releases? Tell us in the comments section!

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