'Battlefield V' Campaign Trailer Details Nordy's Story at E3

Battlefield V took the E3 stage once again, but this time the news was shared during Microsoft's press conference. In a short trailer, we saw the game's War Stories single-player campaign in action.

The clip focuses on the story of a Norwegian woman named Nordy who's resisting the pressures of German occupation. It's your job to shoot and slice your way to victory to make the conflict slightly more bearable for your native land. In contrast to Battlefield V 's larger multiplayer suite, the War Stories single-player campaign grounds itself in the history of World War II by highlighting unique narratives not often covered in the classroom. If Battlefield V 's War Stories campaign is anything like its predecessor from 2016's Battlefield 1 , the experience is comprised of several short vignettes that act as a tutorial for multiplayer.

War Stories plays a particularly special role in 2018, however, because this year's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 does not include a traditional single-player campaign for the first time in franchise history. In other words, War Stories will be the only way to play a new military-based, single-player campaign this fall.

This news is the second half of Battlefield V 's E3 offering. During the EA Play press conference Saturday afternoon, DICE announced the game would get a battle royale mode after launch.

Battlefield V comes to Xbox One, PS4 and PC Oct. 19.

What are your thoughts on the Battlefield V campaign after watching this trailer? Are you excited to see more of Nordy's story? Tell us in the comments section!