'Battlefield V' Royale & Multiplayer Trailer Revealed at EA Play

Battlefield V was a major focus of Electronic Arts' EA Play press conference for E3 2018, and a new trailer revealed previously unknown details about the game's Grand Operations mode. We also got a tease for its upcoming Battle Royale mode as well.

Battlefield V Royale will debut sometime after launch and will feature the classic tactical signatures of the franchise.

Today's Battlefield V update arrives just a few week's after the game's initial reveal late last month. While that particular presentation didn't focus much on gameplay, EA Play's festivities gave fans plenty of real-time footage to analyze. Its cosmetic stylings remain a divisive topic, but the tactical squad-based trappings of the franchise are clearly intact. Luckily, it won't be long before fans can experience it for themselves.

Battlefield V comes to Xbox One, PS4 and PC Oct. 19. The campaign will be featured during Microsoft's press conference on Sunday.