'Battletoads' Release Date? Developers Silently Work on Intergalactic Amphibian Adventure

The original Battletoads released in 1991 blew player's minds. Rare's take on a side-scrolling beat-em-up with space-traveling amphibians who eat flies for health and zoom on speeder bikes was a massive success, spawning an NES title sequel and arcade cabinet. Other than a release on Rare Replay and a few Gamestop memes in the 2000's, the Battletoads franchise has remained relatively dormant.

That was until a small E3 teaser trailer was released in June of 2018, signaling a new era for Battletoads in 2019. Since that initial announcement of the Xbox-exclusive and it's three-player couch co-op, there really hasn't been much. Fans have had to speculate as to what game we would be getting or how long it would take. Rare turned a rocky launch into massive success with Sea of Thieves, so taking developers away from that to work on Battletoads might be a risky maneuver.

To help, Dlala Studios, an Essex-based developer, has been working on the title alongside Rare. The studio worked on Janksy , a mobile physics adventure, and Overruled , a party fighter with fun mechanics. Their Twitter account remained fairly silent on any progress made for Battletoads, but that's common when a game of this caliber is locked away by NDAs.

Paul Collins, a lead designer at Rare, recently tweeted that that he had been helping Dlala studios while working on Sea of Thieves . Other employees, like roberto on Twitter, have remained silent about their work on the project. Dlala is hiring a full-time game programmer to potentially work on the title. The game still has a projected release for 2019, so hopefully we start getting announcement about the series sometime over the next few months.

We all just want more Battletoads , is that too much to ask?

'Battletoads' Release Date? Developers Silently Work on Intergalactic Amphibian Adventure | Gaming