Bear Cub Plays in Snow for the First Time in Adorable Video

There's nothing quite as cute as seeing a baby experiencing something for the first time. Whether it's a child's first bite of cake or a puppy learning a new trick, these videos tend to strike a chord with anyone who watches them.

In a video out of Finland, a young bear cub is seen playing in snow for the very first time at a sanctuary. The footage from last month was posted by Pasi Jantti, a bearkeeper, and shows the bear playing around with Kuusamo Predator Center's Sulo Karjalainen who is known in Finland as "The bearman," according to Storyful.

The bear, whose name is Aina, was found in the yard of a house in May and its mother was nowhere to be found, Jantti told Storyful. At the time, the cub only weighed three pounds. Now, she weighs almost 60 pounds.

In the video posted to Youtube, a voice heard in the background says "In Finland, we enjoy spending time outdoors especially after the first snowfall."

Aina is seen rolling around and covering her fur in all the snow. At one point Karjalainen sits down and takes out a thermos of coffee and holds out a cup as if to share with Aina. Toward the end of the video, Aina is seen jumping up and down like an excited puppy as she and Karjalainen make their way toward the water.

According to, Karjalainen opened the Kuusamo Predator Center in the early 1990s. While it started as a sanctuary for bears, in the years since its opening, the center has also cared for lynxes, foxes and wolf dogs. The center is open to visitors who can come and see the animals up close.

Brown bear, Finland
An adorable video posted to Youtube shows a young bear cub in Finland experiencing snow for the first time. A brown bear takes a nap on a log in his enclosure at Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki, Finland on October 4, 2012. Jarno Mela/AFP/Getty Images

In a video posted to, Karjalainen gives viewers a closer look at his interactions with the animals that most people might be frightened by. As he unloads a box of fruit onto a picnic table, a large bear walks right next to him and hops up on the table.

"You develop a kind of friendship with the animal," he said through an English subtitle on the video.

In another shot, a large bear begins to lick Karjalainen's face much like a dog might do.

According to there are around 2,000 brown bears freely roaming the country and tourists can sign up for bear-watching safaris to get a closer look.

A report from earlier this year found that in North America brown bears were responsible for the most fatal animal attacks, as previously reported by Newsweek. Since 1970, bears have killed 70 people in North America.