Bear Cubs 'Carjack' Van and Get Trapped Inside, Honk Horn Until They are Freed

A man was "carjacked" by an unusual pair of assailants on Friday when he discovered a couple of bear cubs had broken into his van before finding themselves trapped in the vehicle.

Jeff Stokely, a security technician in Gatlinburg, had parked his van outside a customer's home when the two animals climbed into the driver's door, accidentally locking it in the process, according to WBIR. He was only alerted to the incident when he heard the car horn honking for about 20 minutes, returning to the van to find the two cubs trapped inside.

Stokely posted images and footage of the incident on Facebook, saying: "I got carjacked today while I was with a customer. Gatlinburg is getting bad!"

In one of the clips one of the bears can be seen honking the car horn while the other one scrabbles at the driver's window to try and escape. In another clip, Stokely can be heard talking with an unidentified person about the incident, speculating that the cubs' mother must be close by. "She's not far. There's no way she's far from here," he says.

He also goes on to say he reckons the cubs are very young, saying "They're this year, they're not very old." When one of the cubs slams itself directly at the window where he is filming, Stokely reassures the animal "I'm going to get you out in just a minute, buddy."

In the final clip, Stokely opens the rear doors of the van to let the animals escape, saying "Come on, get out of there." One of the cubs exits the vehicle quickly, while the other bear needs a little more encouragement before finally dashing from the van into the woods nearby.

In comments underneath the Facebook video, Stokely stated that barring a "couple of teeth marks on the steering wheel," the animals had not caused any damage to the van and that they "Mostly just got everything dirty."

This is not the first time Stokely has had a run in with bears in the Great Smoky Mountains Area, with him also sharing footage and images on Facebook of a bear cub clambering on top of his van last year.

On September 30, a hiker was injured after a black bear knocked him down in Soutbury, Connecticut, officials said. The 38-year-old man was walking near Lake Zoar when he encountered the animal. After being knocked down, the hiker managed to make a safe escape, before the bear dashed off into the surrounding woods. The man was treated for non-life threatening injuries at Danbury Hospital, before being discharged later that day.