Watch Moment Bear Clambers on Top of Car Driving Down Busy California Road

A bear has been seen jumping onto a car on a roadway heading toward Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park in California.

A video of the bear's sudden appearance was captured by Taylor Hawkins, who was on her way to the national park, when her car stopped to join a line of vehicles, ABC30 reports.

The bear was captured abruptly jumping onto the trunk of the car in front of Hawkins' vehicle, before jumping back down in seconds.

It was reported to have looked back at the car for a few seconds after it stopped on a grassy patch near the edge of the road.

There were no injuries following the incident, Hawkins confirmed.

While the vehicle in the latest incident may have been unscathed by the bear's sudden approach, others have not been as lucky.

Last month, a bear was blamed for breaking into two cars at Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport in Alaska and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

One of the cars was found with a caved-in roof, a broken window, ripped seats and muddy bear prints all over it when the owner Alyssa Brenteson, a resident of the village of Akhiok, returned to the car, which had been parked at the airport parking lot for two days.

The owner of the other car, Doreen Phillips, another resident of Akhiok, reported similar damages to her vehicle at the airport.

While the parking lot is located near a wooded area where bears may live, the break-ins were said to be unusual due to there being no food or trash or other smelly items in either car, wildlife officials noted.

"It's kind of odd for a bear to break in if there was nothing else to attract it," Nate Svoboda, a biologist from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, told The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

Back in July, a bear was reported to have broken through the front door of a home in Naknek, Alaska.

"I came from my bedroom and looked about the top of the stairs, and it was looking right at me," resident Wanda Kie-Miller told KDLG.

The bear was said to have fled the scene unharmed after Kie-Miller's husband shot at him. There were no injuries following the incident.

In August of this year, a bear was reported to have broken into a California home near Lake Tahoe, where it appeared to have ransacked the refrigerator for food before heading towards a room where two teenagers in the house were watching television before they heard the animal in the kitchen, The Sacramento Bee reported.

The 250-pound bear was reported to have entered the home through an unlocked garage door. The teenagers phoned 911 and an officer from the local Placer County Sheriff's Office arrived at the scene to usher the bear out of the home. No injuries were reported from the incident.

Brown bear south lake tahoe
A brown bear walks through a meadow on June 27, 2007 in South Lake Tahoe. getty images