Woman Carrying Picnic Basket Finds Bear Inside Her Car Compared to a Fairytale

A woman was shocked to find a bear inside her Lexus, but then bizarrely tried to trap the creature inside her own car.

A camera mounted outside a house captured the incredible encounter, which has already amassed more than 3 million views since being posted to Twitter by user @ijayt205 on Sunday.

It shows a woman walking to her vehicle carrying a basket of apples. The door of the Lexus is open—although it's not clear who opened it—and as she approaches and peers inside, she's met by the animal.

It's presence sends the woman into a panic, as she then tries to trap the bear inside the car by attempting to slam the door. But the bear is too strong and pushes the door open, as the woman screams and flees, dropping fruit all over the driveway.

She can be heard yelling in the distance as the bear calmly hops out of the car and sits down, before going over to sniff the basket left lying on the floor.

Toward the end of the 42-second long clip a car horn can be heard, which suggests the woman may have been attempting to lock the vehicle, despite the door still being open.

It's unclear exactly where the clip was filmed, believed to be in the U.S., but the location shows a misty forest setting, prompting numerous people to draw parallels with fairytales.

Solyrical joked: "Carrying a basket of apples while leaving a house in the woods as a bear shows up. It's giving Goldie Locks, gotta hear both sides."

@IDoxim commented: "Not the lil red riding hood basket...?!!"

"The fact she tried to trap him in HER car," @SomaKazima noted.

Victoria Whitlock asked: "Why she drop the apples like she was in a fairytale."

Houstontx also compared the clip to a fairytale, saying: "Little red riding hood and 3 bears in a Hollywood spin off with the Lexus seats being just right!"

Marielle asked: "Why did she try closing the bear in the car, though? What was her plan? haha."

She gave the bear the Lexus 😂💀🤣 pic.twitter.com/KtjYixgkws

— ℐΛY ϯ ™ 🎰 (@ijayt205) September 19, 2021

And Fenty Jr. added: "She's in a foggy forest with apples in a basket and there's a bear."

In the U.S., bear attacks are rare, with brown bears, which include grizzlies, more dangerous than an encounter with a black bear, which appears to be the species in the video.

A study published on Nature.com in 2019 revealed 183 attacks in North America by brown bears between 2000 and 2015. However, some three fatal bear attacks have reported this year alone.

In April, a man died following an attack by a grizzly in Yellowstone, Montana. Later that month, a woman was fatally mauled by a bear in Colorado. In July, a woman at a campsite in Montana was killed by a grizzly which dragged her from her tent.

The study noted bear attacks appear to have increased over the last few years, saying: "Our results show a global increase in the number of attacks over the last decades, which is likely the result of several factors, such as the growth of both bear and human populations worldwide, that has led to increased habitat overlap.

"Additionally, a growing number of people is engaged in recreational activities in bear areas, which likely enhances the probability of encounters."

Newsweek reached out to @ijay205 for comment.

File photo of a bear.
File photo of a bear. A woman was shocked to find a bear in her car, but then bizarrely tried to trap the animal inside the vehicle. BeachfrontPhoto/Getty Images