The Beast from the East: Fun Photos of Snow in London and Britain Over the Past 100 Years

An Arctic storm dubbed the "Beast from the East" is set to hit Britain, bringing record low temperatures and snow that will probably paralyze London's transport network and give its residents a chance to ski, sled and build snowmen. Newsweek looks back at how snowstorms affected life in Britain over the past 100 years.Getty Images
February 15, 1924: A schoolboy tests the ice on a lake on Hampstead Heath, London.Getty Images

Newsweek looks back at how snowstorms affected life in Britain over the past 100 years.

January 16, 1926: The referee tosses up on a snow-covered soccer pitch at the start of the match between Arsenal and Manchester United at Highbury in London.Getty Images
January 1926: A woman riding a motorbike pulls youngsters along a snowbound Hampstead Heath in London.Getty Images
December 1927: A skater who was probably not too sure of his abilities pads himself with a cushion in case of a fall on Hollow Ponds in Leytonstone, London. Getty Images
February 16, 1929: Broadstairs Bay in Kent, after a blizzard.Getty Images
1929: Guards play football in the snow at the Tower of London.Getty Images
February 1929: Schoolboys skating on a frozen fountain at Trafalgar Square, London.Getty Images
Circa 1920: A man wearing a belt of cork floats for safety places a sign warning of a fine of five pounds for anyone tempted on to the frozen Serpentine lake in Hyde Park, London. Getty Images
Circa 1931: A group of gents enjoy an impromptu snowball fight on the snow-covered Trafalgar Square in London. Getty Images
January 24, 1933: Tuberculosis patients are treated outdoors in the snow at the Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital in Nottinghamshire. Whatever the weather, they spend their days lying on iron bedsteads in the open air, as a 'curative' measure. Getty Images
November 3, 1934: A motorist digs his car out of the snow in the Cheviot Hills on the borders of England and Scotland. Getty Images
January 1935: People enjoy the snow on slopes below Alexandra Palace in north London.Getty Images
January 29, 1935: Arsenal footballers Wilf Copping, Eddie Hapgood (captain), George Male, Ted Drake, and Cliff Bastin, all of whom are regulars with the England international team, pose in the snow. Getty Images