Beauty: Golden Glow

Still washing your face with soap and water? You're worth a lot more than that. Sales of ultra-expensive facial skin-care products are outpacing the mass market from China to Italy, with an emphasis on delicate natural ingredients. the good life helps you put your best face forward:

^ Estruse offers a new way to wear gold. The Skin Revitalizer toner and moisturizer comes with flakes of 24-karat gold. The precious metal has been used by Egyptians for centuries to kick-start the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, both key for healthy, young-looking skin ($300;

^ The signature Caviar Collection by La Prairie Switzerland is made from the roe of white sturgeon full of the omega-3 fatty acids necessary for regenerating cells. Skin Caviar melts upon application to restore elasticity and tone. Also try the Luxe Body Cream (from $315;

^ Sisley Paris Ecological Compound is derived from Centella asiatica extract, used in traditional Southeast Asian medicines, which has natural antioxidants; so light and absorbent that it can be used by itself or under other moisturizers ($185;

^ Extracted from beehives, royal jelly is the essential ingredient in the new Z. Bigatti Inception facial mask. The jelly is so rich in amino acids and proteins that the queen bee, who eats nothing else, lives 10 times longer than her drones. And who doesn't want to live like the queen bee ($275;