On A (Bed) Roll

Who knew that truckers needed anything more than hot coffee and bad chili to keep them happy? Facing a chronic shortage of drivers willing to bunk on the road for weeks at a time, major trucking companies have borrowed a solution from independent drivers: bring the comforts of home along. The latest long-haulers ordered up by big truck lines like J.B. Hunt are basically lumbering living rooms. International's Pro Sleeper has a closet, space for a TV and microwave and a pullout table for a roadtop computer; in case company drops by for a cold drink from the fridge, the seats rotate to form a conversation group. Freightliner's new rigs let six-foot truckers stand up straight and even pace 30 inches of carpet between the driver's seat and bunk. The deluxe cabs cost more, but invite drivers who like sleeping on the job.