Bedridden Obese Woman Found Decomposing While Still Alive, Crawling With Maggots and Covered in Feces

An obese mother close to death was found lying in her own feces, her legs decomposing, and the blackened dying flesh being eaten by maggots and cockroaches, during a visit by firefighters to her home in Georgia.

Gwinnett County Fire Department were called out to the woman's apartment in Sugar Hill, around 40 miles northeast of Atlanta, on March 15, reported NBC's WXIA-TV. They were responding to reports of a woman who was unconscious.

They had previously taken the woman to hospital using a large white tarp, known as a "Mega Mover", because of her extreme weight. She had been bedridden for two years and her condition worsened over time.

When they re-entered the property a month later, she was lying on a bed in the living room on exactly the same piece of white tarp—only now it was black and brown with filth, including her own feces.

The Gwinnett County Fire Department said in its report that firefighters "did not believe she would live much longer and felt a moral obligation to report this."

When Gwinnett Police Department arrived at the scene, they questioned the woman's son, Christian Sorrell. He told them both he and his father, Terry Sorrell, were the sole caregivers to the disabled woman.

The incident report also noted a two-feet high stack of energy drinks in Terry Sorrell's bedroom and that garbage was strewn across the floor of the house, including in the bathroom. All adults in the house are unemployed. Police charged the father and son with neglect of a disabled or elderly person, reported WXIA-TV.

The woman's current condition is not known.