Two Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Indian Woman in Washington and Accusing Her of Being a Terrorist

Two people have been arrested on suspicion of attacking an Indian woman who recently moved to the U.S. after accusing her of being a terrorist.

A 29-year-old man and a 47-year-old woman are accused of a suspected hate crime following the assault and robbery which occurred in the 4000 block of 148th Ave NE in Bellevue, Washington, on Tuesday, February 7.

The alleged victim said she was walking on 148th Ave NE when the two suspects called the recent immigrant from India a terrorist and told her to go back home, according to a blog post by the local police department.

The two suspects then attacked her and demanded her wallet while once again calling her a terrorist.

A passerby who witnessed the assault then came over to help the 35-year-old victim. After a verbal exchange, the male and female suspect ran off.

Bellevue police officers and a K-9 Ozzy then arrived at the scene. The K-9 managed to track the suspects through an apartment complex and into some bushes.

The pair were detained and placed in handcuffs as they exited the bushes at a bus stop.

They were arrested on suspicion of robbery, assault, and malicious harassment. The 47-year-old female was also arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.

"Hate and hate crimes have no place in the city of Bellevue," said Police Chief Steve Mylett. "We will do whatever it takes to find anyone who's committed a hate crime, arrest them and build the strongest case possible against them for prosecutors."

The victim sustained minor injuries during the attack.

Bellevue Police have been contacted regarding whether the two suspects will also face hate crime charges in connection to the incident.

Last month, officers responded to reports of racial harassment which occurred at a restaurant at 900 Blk Bellevue Way NE in the early hours of December 21.

Police described the male suspect who wrote a note to an employee of a restaurant that included a racial slur as "very intoxicated."

The incident occurred after the suspect was refused alcohol at the restaurant. The suspect later returned to the business to confront the worker and yell and harass him, again repeating racial slurs.

"This made the victim feel threatened and afraid for his safety," police wrote in an incident report.

Officers arrived at the scene following a brief altercation between the suspect and the victim.

Following an investigation into the incident, the suspect was arrested on suspicion of malicious harassment and booked into jail without incident.

Police at the scene of 4000 Blk 148th Ave NE after an Indian woman was assaulted by two suspects. Bellevue Police