'Below Deck' New Cast 2018: Meet Captain Lee's Season 6 Crew and Boat

The day is finally here for all Deck-heads.

Below Deck Season 6 is set to premiere on Tuesday night on Bravo.

But don't worry, if you're new to the show, it's not too late to catch the wave and watch the reality show following the folks who work on super-luxury yachts. Each season is effectively a clean slate with a few returning characters, such as Captain Lee Rosbach, who will again be at the helm of the ship this season. Also returning will be lead stewardess Kate Chastain. But otherwise, we'll get some new blood on the boat. Here's a quick breakdown of the crew, with info via their biographies on the Bravo site:

Captain Lee - The Stud of the freaking Sea. The ever-steady captain who is not afraid to send someone packing if they're not doing their job.

Kate Chastain - A familiar, steady lead stewardess who has been working on yachts for quite a while.

Josiah Carter -He'll be the second steward. Carter grew up in England and has apparently worked on yachts for celebrities.

Caroline Bedol - A stewardess who's fond of the "nomadic lifestyle."

Adrian Martin - The boat's chef who studied at "top culinary schools in France" and trained with "intensive apprenticeships at prestigious restaurants in Paris."

Chandler Brooks - The bosun grew up near Lake Michigan and is the son of a yacht captain.

Ashton Pienaar - A deckhand who left behind a safe job held for seven years in Johannesburg, South Africa for a career as a yachtie.

Ross Inia - From New Zealand, the deckhand was a pro rugby player who got into yachting after a career-ending injury.

Rhylee Gerber - A deckhand from Alaska who enjoys the challenge of captaining a 36-foot aluminum catamaran.

Beyond the crew, there's also a new boat called the My Seanna—take a video tour here—and a new location. They'll be leaving behind the Caribbean, instead opting for cruising around Tahiti. The setting is apparently amazing.

"I'm not quite sure how to describe it except it feels like you're going back in time, and it kind of reminds me of, you know, the opening scene of Jurassic Park when you're first coming in there," Rosbach said to Bravo's Daily Dish podcast. "Just being there is an adventure. I mean, that's a bucket list item for anybody in this world that has any kind of sense. Bucket list, Tahiti, yeah, must do."

Meanwhile, teasers for the show have hinted at a pretty serious accident that left Rosbach—typically stoic—teary. We still don't know exactly what happened, but it seemed that someone went overboard and Rosbach hinted to the Daily Dish that it was pretty bad.

"The event that caused that to happen just rocked my world and not in a good way," he said.

The show premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET.