Ben Affleck Was Caught Smoking Through His Mask and People Are Being Merciless

Ben Affleck won't let the CDC guidelines stop him from enjoying a cigarette.

According to photos acquired by Page Six, Affleck was out for a walk in Los Angeles with girlfriend Ana de Armas on Thursday, April 23. The Way Back actor pushed his mask over his nose in order to smoke.

World Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Justice League – Arrivals – Los Angeles, California, U.S., 13/11/2017 - Actor Ben Affleck. On Thursday, the actor was spotted pushing aside his face mask to take a puff of a cigarette. Reuters

Earlier this month, the CDC recommended that in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people wear face masks that cover their nose and mouth when out in public. However, Affleck didn't let his face mask get in the way of taking a cigarette break.

As pictures of Affleck surfaced and circulated on social media, people mercilessly dragged him for his behavior.

My least favorite couple of 2020 have outdone themselves! #BenAffleck #AnaDeArmas

— Perez (@ThePerezHilton) April 24, 2020

Give Ben Affleck a 🎖 for this

— Ashley Hoffman (@_AshleyHoffman) April 24, 2020

You'd think an ex-Batman like @BenAffleck would know how to properly wear a mask, but here we are --- via @OriginalFresca & @PageSix

— Tom Durante (@TomDurante) April 24, 2020

at least I'm not at Ben Affleck's level

— Francesca Bacardi (@OriginalFresca) April 24, 2020

Ben Affleck's dedication to smoking rivals Carrie Bradshaw

— nathan ma (@nthnashma) April 24, 2020

This picture of Ben Affleck smoking with a mask on his nose is hauntingly beautiful and belongs in the Smithsonian.

— Emily Jashinsky (@emilyjashinsky) April 24, 2020

Gotta respect the full Ben affleck pandemic lean in

— tom_tuna (@tom_tuna) April 24, 2020