Ben Carson Apparently Thinks the U.S. is Still Fighting the Soviet Union

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and former celebrity neurosurgeon, Ben Carson has a dire warning for all Americans: The Reds are coming.

In a profile for The New York Times on his time at HUD, published on Monday, Carson said that despite minor funding spats, he supports the commander-in-chief in his quest to protect America from foreign entities, especially the "Soviets."

"I believe in what the president believes," Carson said. "We are in a very precarious situation with North Korea, with radical terrorists who want to destroy us, with the Soviet Union, who has ambitions."

An aide later told the Times that Carson was referring to Russia—in case you were wondering.

The flub adds to Carson's laundry list of gaffes and blatantly untrue comments on a whole range of subjects.

Last March, during his first official address as the head of a major federal agency, Carson declared African enslaved peoples were "immigrants" who "worked even longer, even harder for less."

After doubling down on his slaves-are-immigrants argument on Twitter, Carson later changed his tone on the issue in a Facebook post, writing, "The slave narrative and immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences."

A month later, during a radio interview on SiriusXM, Carson diagnosed poverty as "a state of mind," adding that you could strip a wealthy person that "has the right mindset" of all of their money and "in a little while they'll be right back up there."

Carson has also been dragged through the mud for some of his personal expenditures at HUD. Earlier this week, the former presidential candidate was compelled to cancel a $31,000 order for customized hardwood dining room tables, chairs, a sideboard and a hutch after news broke of the House Oversight Committee's investigation into HUD's refurbishment.