Family Brings Bomb to Airport, Sparks Pandemonium in Viral Video

A video of people at an airport panicking and scrambling after an unexploded shell was found in a person's luggage in Israel has gone viral.

The video was posted on Twitter on Thursday by Israel's Kan public broadcaster and has been viewed over 100,000 times.

"Panic at Ben Gurion Airport following fear of a suspicious object. After inspections, a return to routine was announced," the caption said, according to a translation by Google.

Journalist Naomi O'Leary added more details about the incident as she shared the video footage.

"The scene of panic in Israel's Ben Gurion airport after an American family turned up with an unexploded shell in their luggage," she wrote in a caption.

"Which they had found in the Golan Heights and were taking home as a souvenir."

The family was allowed to board their flight after being interrogated by security staff, according to a Reuters report.

Israel clashed with Syria over the Golan during the wars of 1967 and 1973 and the country boasts high-level aviation security. The Golan area is considered occupied territory under international law and UN Security Council resolutions.

One injury was reported during the chaos. A 32-year-old man, Uri, told YNet about how his injury happened, according to a BBC report.

"I was at the airport waiting for an hour in line until I got to the check-in counter, and suddenly at a radius of five metres (16ft) people started running away and left luggage.

"The fear was that someone is spraying bullets, I understood that I too have to escape so I ran towards the check-in, I stumbled on a conveyor belt and flew a distance of six metres."

"After a security incident was ruled out, the evacuation of the terminal was canceled," Israel Airport Authorities said according to a CNN report.

Another video that has begun to be shared on social media shows a different part of the airport where people can be seen hiding under tables although some can be seen walking around or standing by their luggage as well.

"Although not my domain anymore, it is impossible to ignore the hallucinatory sights at Ben Gurion Airport tonight," military correspondent Itay Blumental wrote in a tweet, according to a Google translation.

"An American family traveling in the Golan Heights collected a fallen shell and took it with them in a suitcase. Stupidity X 10000."

Newsweek has contacted the Ben Gurion Airport for comment.

Ben Gurion
An airplane of budget airline flydubai lands at Israel's Ben Gurion aiport near Tel Aviv on November 26, 2020. An American family cause chaos at the Ben Gurion airport in Israel by having an unexploded shell in their luggage. Jack Guez/Getty Images