Dr. Martin Luther King's Daughter Bernice Shares a Viral Moment of the Power of Protest

Bernice King, daughter of Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., shared a powerful protest moment on Twitter on Thursday, featuring a very young protester joining a march.

The video features a young girl, around elementary school age, marching with protesters, waving her arms, and chanting, "No justice, no peace." The video had originally been shared by LI Herald executive editor Scott Brinton.

Well, well, little sister.

“No justice, no peace!”

— Be A King (@BerniceKing) June 4, 2020

"Well, well, little sister," King wrote in her tweet, capping it off with "No justice, no peace," to echo the protesters' chant.

King has been showing support on Twitter for the protesters calling for justice on behalf of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery; she's also been sharing quotes from her father that are still relevant amid all of the protests happening across the United States and in different parts of the world.

King has served as CEO of the King Center since 2012. The King Center has hosted online protests since June 2 on its website each night at 7 p.m. Online protests through the King Center will continue until June 8. King and other activists participate in discussions in the virtual protests. "I grew up in a household of nonviolence, and I subscribe to it as the ultimate solution to the way forward. We can't do it any other way. With the #OnlineProtest, we will leverage technology to organize in a nonviolent way for a better future," King wrote on the website.

The King Center did not respond to Newsweek's request for comment, which was submitted through its website, in time for publication.

Many people shared King's tweet featuring footage of the young protester, and voiced their own support for the girl. Several users praised her for being so motivated to enact change, even at her young age. "Makes me want to cry we are raising children around the country in an environment where they are already aware they have to fight for justice," one Twitter user wrote. "[W]e owe her so much more and so much better..."

- look at how our children don’t get to look away. they don’t get to be scared of a Nickelodeon demonstration on TV and change the channel. https://t.co/nrUh2VoDJX

— Rob Milton (@therobmilton) June 4, 2020

Politicians like Massachusetts congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and Illinois Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton both shared the video. "I'm grateful for everyone who has refused to be silent in the face of injustice," Stratton wrote in her tweet.

Seeing our babies out here peacefully protesting & demonstrating with such conviction, fills me with both immense pride & pain. https://t.co/gQmSXXQobf

— Ayanna Pressley (@AyannaPressley) June 4, 2020

I felt her passion on my soul!

On this #ThankfulThursday, I’m grateful for everyone who has refused to be silent in the face of injustice. https://t.co/InFPALKuQl

— Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton (@LtGovStratton) June 4, 2020

Celebrities also passed around the clip, admiring the child's dedication, including singer Lalah Hathaway. Author James S.A. Corey tweeted that he wishes he was even a percentage of the "bada**" that the young girl is. Singer Nancy Sinatra wrote that the country was in secure hands. Twitch streamer Bradley Bergstorm, who goes by the name "Frosty," also applauded the protester's conviction.

YES! https://t.co/GyKJ9QeEpj

— lalah hathaway (@lalahhathaway) June 4, 2020

I'm 50 and I wish I was 3% this badass. https://t.co/w3lrNyFKXZ

— James S.A. Corey (@JamesSACorey) June 4, 2020

Our nation is secure in her hands. https://t.co/muyEvgvGY0

— Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) June 4, 2020

Isnt it crazy, so much conviction. https://t.co/q4gC0yZ31I

— FrostyTheTruth (@FrostyTheTruth) June 4, 2020
Protesters hold signs and chant during a demonstration to honor of George Floyd on June 03, 2020 in San Francisco, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty

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