Bernie Sanders Says Trump Might Be Most Dangerous President in History: 'This Guy Cannot Be Allowed to Be Reelected'

Vermont Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has said he is confident that he is the best candidate running to defeat President Donald Trump, who he said may very well be "the most dangerous president" in U.S. history.

Speaking with NPR's Maria Hinojosa, Sanders explained why he felt so driven to run again in the 2020 election.

"My wife and I thought long and hard about whether we should run or not," he told Hinojosa. "On Mondays, we said 'yes', on Tuesdays, we said 'no,' and on Wednesdays, 'yes' and Thursdays, 'no'."

What drove him to run, despite the "ugliness and lunacy" that a presidential election can often entail, Sanders said, was the need to see Trump removed from office.

"Number one, it is absolutely imperative that we defeat the most dangerous president maybe in the history of the United States, somebody who's a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a religious bigot, among other things and who's a pathological liar," Sanders said of Trump. "So, this guy cannot be allowed to be reelected."

"And," Sanders said, "I have concluded, along with some other people, that, in fact, we are the strongest campaign to defeat Donald Trump."

"Can other people defeat Donald Trump? I think so, but I think actually, we go into this thing as maybe the strongest candidate, so that's number one," he said.

The second reason driving Sanders to stay the course "goes beyond Donald Trump," the Vermont senator said.

"Number two, the other reason for running is that I think the time is long overdue," he said, before turning to one of the driving issues of his platform: "To transform our economy and government and create a nation, a government, that works for all of us and not just wealthy powerful special interest."

"You've got massive income and wealth inequality, you've got millions of people who are struggling, you've got 87 million people who don't have any healthcare, you've got all kinds of young people who can't afford to go to college who are leaving school deeply in debt," he said.

However, Sanders said his administration would also be determined to address the wider scope of critical issues impacting U.S. residents and people around the world.

"You've got all kinds of sexism and racism and a criminal justice system which is broken and an immigration system which is broken," he said. "Then, on top of all that, if that's not enough, you've got the global crisis of climate change, which the scientists tell us, if we don't turn this around you ain't gonna have much of a planet left for our kids and our grandchildren."

"Other than that," Sanders said, "we're doing pretty good."

So far, an average of polls published by RealClearPolitics puts Sanders behind a well-ahead former Vice President Joe Biden, and behind Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Bernie Sanders
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding August 14, 2015 in Clear Lake, Iowa. Sanders has said President Donald Trump may be the 'most dangerous president' in U.S. history. Win McNamee/Getty