Bernie Sanders Holds 9-Point Lead Over Elizabeth Warren in New National Poll Following His Nevada Victory

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has a nine-point advantage over Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren atop the Democratic candidates, according to new national polling numbers released Sunday.

Sanders has garnered 34 delegates and emerged as the clear front-runner after winning the popular vote in the first three Democratic presidential primary contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. A new CBS/YouGov national poll released one day after his decisive Nevada caucuses victory shows Sanders with 28 percent of Democratic voter support, Warren in second with 19 percent, and former Vice President Joe Biden in third with 17 percent.

The same polling data also showed Sanders as the best contender against President Donald Trump in a hypothetical head-to-head match-up, 47 percent to Trump's 44 percent.

Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg slipped to third place in Saturday's Nevada caucuses, but he remains in second place in terms of delegates with 24 standing behind his campaign.

The national CBS/YouGov poll released Sunday shows former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in fourth place with 13 percent support, Buttigieg in fifth place with 10 percent, and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar in sixth with just 5 percent.

Biden, who has repeatedly stated that South Carolina is where he will turn around his campaign in an appeal to black voters, remains atop the polls in the next primary state. The former vice president has 28 percent of support from South Carolina Democrats, Sanders is in second with 23 percent, and Tom Steyer is in third with 18 percent. Meanwhile, Warren comes in fourth place among South Carolina voters, and Buttigieg rounds out the top five with 10 percent of support in the southern state.

Despite his continued polling in first in South Carolina, which holds its primary on February 29, Biden previously led all the other Democratic candidates by a staggering 28 percentage points just three months ago. In November, CBS/YouGov polling data showed Biden in the lead among white South Carolina voters - but Sanders now holds the most support.

Biden's support among African-American voters in South Carolina, who make up a large majority of the state's Democratic primary electorate, has fallen double digits since the fall. In November, Biden held the support of 54 percent of black voters compared to 35 percent today, a 19-point drop. In that same time period, Tom Steyer skyrocketed from only 2 percent support from black voters to 24 percent. Sanders is just behind Steyer with 23 percent support from African-American voters.

Exit polls from Saturday's Nevada caucus showed 55 percent of Sanders supporters were white and 45 percent were nonwhite. Compare that to Buttigieg--who has struggled in state-by-state and national polls among black voters--whose Nevada supporters were 82 percent white. CNN entrance polls showed that 90 percent of Sanders supporters were under the age of 65, while only 52 percent of Biden backers were under sixty five. Additionally, one-quarter of Nevada caucusgoers who decided who to vote for in the last few days ultimately chose Sanders.

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has a nine-point advantage over Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, according to new national polling numbers released Sunday. Brendan Smialowski/Staff/Getty Images