Bernie Sanders Is America's Most Popular Senator, New Survey Says

Bernie Sanders is America's most popular senator, according to a new survey by Morning Consult. But will that make any difference as he vies for the Democratic party's nomination for president? REUTERS/Chris Keane

Bernie Sanders is the country's most popular senator, according to a new survey conducted by Morning Consult and released Tuesday, which found Sanders's approval rating to be 83 percent among his constituents. His disapproval rating, meanwhile, was 13 percent. The survey's margin of error was 6.5 percent. Yet Sanders lags behind Hillary Clinton by more than 25 points, according to most polls.

Meanwhile, the Republican senators running for president are far less popular than Sanders, the survey found. Conservative favorite Ted Cruz of Texas is in an eight-way tie for America's 20th most popular senator among his constituents, while Marco Rubio is in a seven-way tie for America's 22nd most popular senator. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is tied for the title of America's 24th most popular senator.

Republican governors seeking the Oval Office fare little better, a separate survey conducted by Morning Consult shows. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, who recently dropped out of the race, was America's second-least popular governor, while Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, who is still running despite polling at around only 3 percent, was tied for America's fifth-least popular governor. Governor John Kasich of Ohio was in a four-way tie for the country's 10th-most popular governor.

The survey was conducted between late May and mid-November, Morning Consult said.

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