Bernie Sanders Releases First Ad With Obama Praise After Super Tuesday Losses to Biden

Bernie Sanders released an advertisement on Wednesday featuring previous comments from Barack Obama after his losses on Super Tuesday. The ad features video and pictures of Sanders and Obama, with the voice-over consisting of the former president praising the Vermont senator.

"Bernie is somebody who has the virtue of saying exactly what he believes, great authenticity, great passion and is fearless," Obama is heard saying in the ad. "Bernie served on the veterans committee and got bills done. I think people are ready for a call to action. They want honest leadership who cares about them. They want somebody who's going to fight for them, and they will find it in Bernie."

The ad was posted by Politico's Alex Thompson on Twitter: "Bernie was basically the only candidate who didn't run an Obama is my bff ad. After getting wiped out in the South, he releases this ad the next day. (in one SC ad, he had a shot of them together but it wasn't like this)"

The ad ends with Obama proclaiming, "That's right, feel the Bern!," which was the Sanders campaign slogan during the 2016 race for the Democratic nomination. Obama made that comment during his keynote speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, during which he aimed to energize voters to turn out for the general election.

"So if you agree that there's too much inequality in our economy and too much money in our politics, we all need to be as vocal and as organized and as persistent as Bernie Sanders supporters have been during this election," Obama said during his convention speech. "We all need to get out and vote for Democrats up and down the ticket and then hold them accountable until they get the job done. That's right, feel the Bern!"

At one point during Obama's speech, cameras turned to an unhappy-looking Sanders, who had just lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton.

Newsweek reached out to Obama's staff to ask if the former president was contacted by the Sanders campaign before the ad was released and if he is endorsing the senator, but did not hear back before publication.

The ad comes after Sanders lost nine out of Super Tuesday's 14 state contests to former Vice President Joe Biden, who has become the Democratic race's new front-runner.

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Bernie Sanders walks with President Barack Obama as he arrives for an Oval Office meeting on June 9, 2016. ALEX WONG / STAFF/Getty Images
Bernie Sanders Releases First Ad With Obama Praise After Super Tuesday Losses to Biden | Politics