Bernie Sanders Responds to Hillary Clinton's Remarks That Nobody Likes Him, Says It's 'Not the Kind of Rhetoric That We Need Right Now'

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders responded to Hillary Clinton's comment last week that "nobody likes him," saying that he believes his former Democratic presidential rival needlessly attacked him.

Sanders appeared on CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell Friday and was asked about Clinton's remarks to The Hollywood Reporter that nobody in the Senate or Washington wants to work with the senator. O'Donnell pressed Sanders to react to Clinton and her allies' repeated attacks that accuse his campaign of "foster[ing] a toxic culture" which attacks women. Clinton also claimed that Sanders didn't view her as qualified to be president in 2016 -- a comment that echoed Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren's accusation earlier this month that Sanders said a woman can't win the presidency.

"[Hillary Clinton] said that you foster a toxic culture in your campaign where your prominent supporters, Bernie bros, attack women. And will you denounce those attacks?" the CBS anchor asked the senator.

"I have, of course. I am sorry for what Secretary Clinton had to say. I know she said that nobody likes me, right? I mean, this is not the kind of rhetoric that we need right now when we are trying to bring the Democratic Party together to defeat the most dangerous president in American history," Sanders replied.

Sanders said "it's been quite a while" since he has spoken with his 2016 Democratic rival, whom he endorsed after losing the nomination in the primaries four years ago. Donald Trump defeated Clinton in the general election.

Sanders acknowledged that he would likely need her former supporters in order to become the 2020 nominee. He also pointed out that he believes the party -- and Clinton -- will rally behind whoever is the nominee.

"Well, right now my job is to win in Iowa. It's to win in New Hampshire, do everything we can. But what Secretary Clinton did indicate, I was glad to hear this, is that she would support the Democratic nominee. And if that's me, I look forward to her support," Sanders said.

When asked if Sanders ever made the comment to Warren that a woman wouldn't win the presidency, the senator absolutely rejected the question and doubled down on his repeated denials.

"I'm sorry. I really -- I know the media likes that issue, but I'm not gonna get into that issue. We had it out. Senator Warren is somebody I've known for 25 years, have a lot of respect for. We're gonna go forward together. And I have the feeling we'll be working together," he responded.

Sanders went on to note that he has performed particularly well in polls since the beginning of the new year, including stints as the front-runner in the Iowa caucus. He expressed that his campaign has the capacity to unite the Democratic Party to defeat Trump.

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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton face off during the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries. Taylor Hill/WireImage