Bernie Sanders Says He Will Bring Lie Dectector To Debate With Donald Trump, Calls Him A 'Pathological Liar'

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took aim at President Donald Trump on Monday, speaking to voters during a CNN Town Hall.

Sanders first spoke of Democratic Socialism and changes that he would make as president, including universal health care and free tuition at public colleges and universities, saying that Americans would have those things, "whether Trump likes it or not."

Later in the question and answer session, Sanders was asked how he would handle a presidential debate with Trump. The Vermont senator quickly quipped, "Well, we'll bring a lie detector along," drawing laughter from the crowd.

"And every time he lies, it goes beep. That would be the first thing," Sanders added.

The self-described Democratic Socialist didn't stop there, going on to call Trump a "fraud" and a "pathological liar."

"I have conservative friends. I don't mean to be overly facetious here. I have conservative friends, we all do, and they are honest people," Sanders said. "They believe what they believe, and I believe what I believe, and that's called democracy, and that's a good thing, but I think the fraud that Trump is, the pathological liar that he is, has to be exposed."

Sanders also referenced Trump's frequent statement that the media is an enemy, saying that the president doesn't "want to be criticized."

"As I mentioned a moment ago, when Trump talks, you know, basically he says to Wolf Blitzer and other people in the media produce fake news, they are liars, they are enemies of the people, understand what that means," Sanders said. "This is an attack on the very fundamentals of American democracy. Because Trump does not want to be criticized, what he wants to do is disparage the media so the people do not believe what the media says."

Sanders stated that he doesn't just go into democratic areas while on the campaign trail, but that he will also go into "Trump country" to talk to the individuals who voted for the president.

"We are going to talk to those people, and we are going to expose Trump for the liar and fraud that he is," Sanders said. "Trump told working people that he was gonna be on their side. He is not on their side and his record proves that quite clearly. He is on the side of the billionaire class. We're gonna make that very clear. I think by the end of this campaign, I suspect that a number of people who voted for Donald Trump will understand that he is not their friend."

Bernie Sanders
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks during a news conference to announce legislation to expand Social Security, on Capitol Hill February 13, 2019 in Washington, DC. Sen. Sanders proposal would contribute to Social Security with payroll taxes on income above $250,000. Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images