Best Amazon Prime Day 2021 Headphone Deals: Sony, Apple, Beats and More

Headphones are always a hot commodity. On Amazon Prime Day 2021 you can find deals and discounts from all the popular headphone brands like Apple, Sony, Bose and Jabra. Last year, there were several fantastic deals on over-the-ear headphones and wireless earbuds alike. This year offers tons of deals on new headphones, as well. Amazon Prime Day is taking place right now and runs through the end of the day June 22.

Beyond these specific deals listed below, if you use your Amazon Prime credit card on Prime Day, you can earn an extra 1 percent on purchases for a total of a 6 percent reward. Plus, there are even more ways to save including using Alexa to order exclusive deals.

Best 2021 Prime Day Headphones Deals

The best Prime Day headphone deals in 2021 are live now and continue through June 22. You can check the Prime Day landing page for Lightning Deals, and we will update this page with more discounts as we find them.

Have you tried Amazon Music yet? Similar to Spotify or Apple Music, Amazon's music service allows on-demand streaming of 70-plus million songs. Prime members get a discounted rate, and there's a free trial for new listeners to try the service. Use your new headphones to listen to some free music.

Amazon's Echo Buds 2—$80 ($40 off)

Amazon Echo Buds 2
The second generation of Amazon's Echo Buds raise the quality, while Prime Day lowers their price. AMAZON

Amazon's second generation of its Echo Buds is now under $100. While the first attempt at the earbuds was fine, this second version makes lots of improvements to the original product. A lot of refinements means a more enjoyable experience. The fit and design have been altered for more comfortable wear. The active noise canceling is stronger and more capable. Plus, the ambient mode, which allows you to hear things naturally, without removing the earbuds, has been tweaked to make it work better. If these have tempted you at all, this might be the time to put Alexa in your ears.

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Beats Solo Pro—$169.99 ($130 off)

Beats Solo Pro
Beats Solo Pro get a huge price cut for Prime Day and offer plenty of features. BEATS

The Beats Solo Pro for close to 50 percent off is a tremendous deal for these all-around solid on-ear, wireless headphones. The Solo Pro offers modern conveniences like an H1 chip for easy pairing with Apple devices and active noise cancelling. The headphones also get a long 22-hour battery life before needing to be recharged. When you do need to power them up again, 10 minutes on the charger will get you a quick 3 hours of listening time. The Beats Solo Pro fold up, making them great to travel with or simply use around the house.

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Sony WH-1000XM3—$199.99 ($150 off)

Sony's beloved WF-1000XM3 headphones provide excellent sound, ANC and comfort. SONY

Although these over-the-ear headphones are the previous generation, they remain an extremely compelling pair of ANC headphones. The newer WH-1000XM4 tweak a few elements and add niceties like dual Bluetooth connections, but there might not be enough to justify them over the 1000XM3 and their $200 price point. The 1000XM3 will offer light, comfortable listening, strong ANC, long battery life and an integrated voice assistant.

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Jabra Elite 45h—$69.99 ($30 off)

Jabra Elite 45h
A stealth competitor in the headphone space, these Jabra Elite 45h are some of the most comfortable headphones around. JABRA

Jabra might not be the biggest name in headphones, but they have proven to be an extremely solid choice over the years. These wireless, on-ear headphones get a tremendous 50 hours of battery life, plus they're extremely lightweight and comfortable. There is a large driver in each ear cup to provide excellent audio quality and the ability to adjust EQ as you see fit. These Elite 45h headphones from Jabra are at an all-time low price and make a great all-around choice.

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Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro—$100 ($30 off)

Anker Soundcore Liberty
Anker's Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro work as well for home use as they do for exercising outdoors. ANKER

If you're searching for AirPods-like earbuds, look no further than these Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. I found these earbuds to be extremely comfortable, and the multitude of rubber ear tips included help make sure there's a proper seal that's comfortable for everyone. The rubberized matte finish feels luxurious. Most importantly, the sound is booming and vibrant. These wireless earbuds include all the features you could want, plus they sound and look good—they are the complete package. At $100, these are a solid deal.

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Earin A-3—$159.99 ($40 off)

Earin A-3
Earin's tiny earbuds can be used in either ear, and they will figure out which is left and right. EARIN

Don't worry if you haven't heard of Earin before. These earbuds are the real deal and offer a great, minimal design for anyone looking for AirPods alternatives. One neat feature about these earbuds is that there is no left or right designation. Their universal design means that either one can be used in either ear and they will figure out where each one is. Each bud is incredibly lightweight, making them great to use in all types of situations. They even work for running and exercise. Don't miss the opportunity to get a great deal on these futuristic wireless earbuds.

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