Best April Fools' Pranks on TikTok

What better day to enjoy watching people prank their loved ones than April Fools' Day? Not only is April 1 the perfect opportunity to treat your friends and family members to some lighthearted jokes and fun, but it's a great chance to laugh at the ingenious pranks other people have come up with.

Thankfully, there are plenty of April Fools' pranks on TikTok, with more than two billion views on the #aprilfools hashtag alone. From gross food pranks to jokes inspired by TV shows, these TikTok users got creative on this mischievous holiday.

Fake Treat Prank

Tricking someone into thinking you're giving them a tasty treat only for them to discover it's not what it first seemed is a classic prank. TikTok account @howtohackittm made an April Fools' prank video that saw them take delicious donuts and insert mayo and sriracha instead of cream and jelly.

Other takes on this prank on TikTok see people injecting mayo into a Twinkie or replacing the cream in an Oreo cookie with toothpaste.


we would never say no to a doughnut, but this might be an acception #foodhack #ukfood #learnontiktok #aprilfools

♬ original sound - Tik Toker

Hidden Objects Prank

TikTok user @elliegerth shared a prank she and her friends pulled on a friend in a video that has amassed more than a million likes. Ellie and her friends hid 300 mini flamingo figures around her friend's bedroom and bathroom for her to find, and while some are in obvious places, some may not be found for months...

This prank may be a little annoying, but if you want to want to prank your friend without making them mad, you could try hiding hundreds of pieces of their favorite candy instead.

Text Subscription Prank

TikTok user @riley.14_ pranked her mom with this fake subscription prank by setting up a fake number and pretending that her mom had signed up to a text service called "Happy Feet."

Riley sent her mom photos of feet and messages and told her she could stop receiving messages by texting "StopFeet." Instead, Riley's sent her mom progressively grosser pictures.

Peeling Skin Prank

TikTok star Ross Smith got pranked by his girlfriend, who covered her body in Elmer's glue and pretended that her skin was burning and peeling after using Smith's body wash in the shower.

Although Elmer's glue is generally non-toxic, it's probably best to not try this at home as you don't know how your skin will react.


My girlfriend pulled off the greatest April fools prank on me 😭😱 #aprilfools #prank #fyp #couplegoals @magobabe

♬ original sound - Ross Smith

The Office Themed Prank

Any fans of the TV show The Office will love this set of pranks. Rachel Mercado pulled a series of pranks on her husband inspired by Jim's pranks on Dwight.

From wrapping the couch in wrapping paper, setting his PlayStation controller in Jello, to even dressing up as her husband ("Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!")—Jim Halpert would sure have been proud of Rachel's pranking.

An AFP collaborator poses for a picture using TikTok on December 14, 2018, in Paris. Pranksters have been sharing their April Fools' jokes on TikTok. AFP/Getty