The Best Dog Halloween Costumes From Washington Square Park's Annual Parade

Halloween isn't just for people of all ages, it's a great opportunity to dress up your pooch too.

Every year, New Yorkers and their furry friends descend onto Washington Square Park for a dog-friendly Halloween parade.

This year's dog costumes did not disappoint.

These are our favorites from the event.

1. Shark

Watch out, we've spotted a pug on the hunt for treats.

2. KFC

This poodle cross is not just a good girl, she's a finger lickin' good girl.

3. Magic Carpet

Thanks to his height, we're sure seeing things from Cairo the dachshund's perspective will open our eyes to a whole new world.

4. Hot Dog

A dog dressed as a hot dog? A classic.

5. Dinosaur

It looks like dinosaurs didn't just evolve into birds, but Australian shepherds too.

6. Aztec Warrior

This chihuahua looked stunning dressed as Aztec Warrior.

7. Circus Lions

Roll up, roll up and see the most terrifying predators, French bulldogs dressed as circus lions.

8. Teddy Bear

It's hard to tell where the teddy bear costume ends and this goldendoodle begins.

9. French Dog

This sophisticated monsieur is currently en route to pick up some baguettes and croissants.

10. Monster

This shih tzu mix may be dressed as a monster but we can see the beauty in the beast.

11. Albert Einstein

Almond the Pekingese has the right fur to be Al-bark Einstein.

12. UPS

Look, here comes Poppy the beagle from the United Pup Service.

13. Princess

The red carpet was made for HRH Emma the goldendoodle.

14. Squid Game

Dottie the shih tzu's Squid Game costume was so good, she won an honorable mention.

Here she is posing with her prizes.

15. Racing Driver

Westley the bichon frise cross is raring to go in his racing car.

16. Toy Story's Woody

You've got a friend in this French bulldog.

17. Pumpkin

Oh my gourd, Rudy makes such a cute pumpkin.

18. Bad Dog

Sorry to this golden retriever, but it seems nobody gave you permission to be this cute.

19. Billie Eilish

Top marks for creativity for this dog who graced her own Met Gala steps for Halloween.

20. Darth Vader and Yoda

The force is strong with these two French bulldogs.

21. Butterfly

Can anyone spot a dog here? We can only see a beautiful butterfly.

22. Rainbow Connection

In case you ever wondered what is on the other side of the rainbow, it's not a pot of gold, it's actually Loaf the dog, who dressed up as Kermit the frog performing The Rainbow Connection for Halloween.

Mini golden doodle dressed as a shark
Jacqueline Sumpter dresses her mini golden doodle Rosey in a shark costume in support of the Washington Nationals during a "Bipawtisan Dog Costume Parade" for Halloween on Capitol Hill in Washington Andrew Harnik/AP