Best Dupes for These 5 Viral Products, According to TikTok

TikTok has become, among other things, a go-to spot to find tips and tricks for just about anything, including great shopping deals. And who doesn't love a good deal? A big trend on the social media platform that can save users some cash is finding dupes — or alternative, often cheaper versions of a popular name brand product.

From makeup to furniture to leggings, odds are there is a TikToker out there who has found a dupe for it. Dupes go viral especially when a fan-favorite product sells out. The cycle goes on: the item goes viral on TikTok, it sells out, then a TikToker finds a dupe for it that can hopefully replace the original item.

Sometimes a dupe can be what is referred to as a "knock-off" meaning it looks like the product, down to even the logo, but it's not. These five dupes, however, are affordable alternatives to favorite products that are not necessarily trying to be the original but certainly come close, at least according to TikTok.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand

This product from the brand Charlotte Tilbury has been a favorite for years. It re-emerged a few months ago when pop star Madison Beer's Vogue Beauty Secrets tutorial was dropped.

The singer uses the Hollywood Contour Wand as part of her everyday skincare routine and the internet went wild trying to recreate the look. The product was hard to find in the days after the video's release, which left perfect space for a dupe to arise.

TikTok makeup guru Mikayla Nogueira put Makeup Revolution's Illuminating Under Eye Concealer to the test as a possible dupe at the fraction of the cost and it worked like a charm, picking up thousands of fans along the way.

Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch


Reply to @madisonsentimore3 the best Restoration Hardware cloud couch dupe! #restorationhardware #cloudcouchdupe #thankstoher #nowlookatthis #diyhome

♬ telepatía - Kali Uchis

This couch from Restoration Hardware can be seen all over Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards alike. Its plush, cozy design makes it very inviting.

There's just one small problem: the price tag.

Depending on the customization and size of the couch it can run up to $10,000 or more. Because that price point is out of many consumer's budgets, TikTok came to the rescue to offer some dupes.

There are actually a few to choose from, at varying price points, but one of the most affordable ones comes from ringing in at under $2,000.

Supergoop Sunscreen


didn’t notice that i didn’t rub it in above my lip, but it’s matte i promise y’all lol #sunscreen #supergoop #dupe #skincare

♬ original sound - Aneri Patel

Finding the perfect sunscreen, especially an affordable one, can sometimes be a challenge. There are a few favorites that often top the list, one of them being Supergoop and their line of sun protectants.

Their Unseen Sunscreen costs $34 for just 1.4 ounces, but TikTok has found a replacement for the favorite in an unexpected place: Kroger.

TikToker Aneri Patel tried the product and was pleased with the result: "Go get it! It's $11! Wow." The one downside to this dupe is it is not super accessible all over the country, given Kroger's concentration in the midwest of the US.

Lululemon Align Leggings

The Align Leggings from Lululemon are a longtime favorite for fitness gurus and loungers alike. Though their price points are high, around $100 for a single pair, they've continued to fly off the shelves.

Given their price, matched with high popularity, they are the perfect candidate for a dupe. Many have tried to find comparable leggings and have had luck on Amazon, among other sites, but one TikToker says her pair from the brand 90 Degree are it.

Commenters on her video showcasing the $17 find from Marshall's agreed, some saying the video was revealing their own "secret" find.

Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Anthropology

Depending on the size, this stylish mirror from Anthropology can run anywhere from $498 all the way up to $1,548 for the largest option.

The mirror gained popularity a few months ago but its high price tag was just out of the question for some folks looking to spruce up their space. In comes more dupes.

A simple Google search will show many options of similar finds ranging in prices, but this TikToker found one at her local Hobby Lobby that fit the bill at just under $200.

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