'Will & Grace': The Best Karen Walker Quotes That Will Still Make You Laugh in 2017

Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) in 'Will & Grace' season 8. NBC/YouTube

The world better get ready for Karen Walker's triumphant return. After 11 years, Megan Mulllaly will reprise her beloved character on NBC Thursday night in the premiere of the new Will & Grace. And as much as we all love Will, Grace and Jack, the real star of the show is and always will be Karen Walker.

Karen's always had the best lines on the show. To celebrate the revival, here's a look back at 19 of Karen's most hilarious quotes.

"Because I'm a lady, assface."

—Karen on gendered manners, Season 8, Episode 8.

"Honey, I've always said, if your genitals are on the outside, you're hiding something on the inside."

—Karen on men, Season 3, Episode 8.

"It's the oldest story in the world. Boy meets girl, boy wants girl to do dominatrix film, girl says 'Naked?' Boy says 'Yeah.' Girl says 'Forget it.' Boy says 'Okay, then just wear this rubber maid's uniform and beat the old man with a scrub brush.' Girl says 'How hard?'

—Karen on her fetish film, Season 2, Episode 6.

"Well, any friend of Will's is... Grace."

—Karen on Will's social life, Season 1, Episode 18.

"I just want somebody who gets me. Somebody who's comfortable in my world, and makes me laugh, and occasionally brings me flowers. And... somebody who likes kittens, and the hard-core bondage scene."

—Karen on her type, Season 7, Episode 8

"Normally my motto is 'Drugs not hugs.'"

—Karen on affection, Season 8, Episode 20

"Drink me. I make life more fun."

—Karen on martinis, Season 7, Episode 3.

"Honey, that is not my soul you're looking at."

—Karen on the "beautiful soul" pick-up line, Season 2, Episode 4.

"Look what I brought, juice boxes!"

—Karen on boxed wine, Season 7, Episode 18.

"Honey, I'd suck the alcohol out of a deodorant stick."

—Karen on her wine preference, Season 2, Episode 21.

"I'm going to take the high road, and just because I'm high."

—Karen on being the bigger person, Season 5, Episode 15.

"There's a penis and a vagina in a tent. And it's on fire. Which do you save?"

—Karen on knowing if someone is gay or straight, Season 5, Episode 13.

"No one in the world would believe you're straight. You're as gay as a clutch purse on Tony night. You fell outta the gay tree, hitting every gay branch on the way down. And ya landed on a gay guy... and ya did 'em. No, no, honey, your gayness can be seen from space."

—Karen on Jack's sexuality, Season 4, Episode 19.

"God didn't give me the ability to play the piano, or paint a picture, or have compassion. But he did give me the ability to crack a walnut with my hoo-ha."

—Karen on her skills, Season 6, Episode 22.

"You say potato, I say vodka."

—Karen on differences of opinion, Season 4, Episode 23.

Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) and Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes) in the 'Will & Grace' revival. Chris Haston/NBC

"Well, well, well. Look what the cat cleaned up, showered, exfoliated, powdered, lipsticked, Gucci'd and dragged in."

—Karen on giving compliments, Season 3, Episode 3.

"I like you. Wanna make out?"

—Karen on greeting people, Season 6, Episode 2.

"I regret the day I ever laid boobs on that man."

—Karen on exes, Season 5, Episode 14.

"Honey, what's this?"

—Karen on pretty much everything, many, many times.

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