10 Hacks To Make Your Life Easier in 2022

TikTok is awash with clever tips and tricks to make life a little easier.

From creative advice to practical skills, there is something for everyone on the video-sharing app.

Many of these methods have left viewers open-mouthed at their simplicity or scratching their heads as to why they hadn't thought of them first.

But to save you some tedious scrolling, we have made a list of the best TikTok life hacks from 2021. Ready to be impressed?

Chop Onions

Chopping onions is an emotional experience or, at least, it looks it. The flavorsome vegetable can make us tear up, and salty liquid flowing down your cheeks is never a stylish look.

However, what does look cool is the make-shift protective gear one woman fashioned out of a hooded sweatshirt and a pan lid. Next stop, New York Fashion Week.

Skip Work

Fancy skipping work for a few hours without your boss realizing? Silly question, of course you do.

But for those of us who are still working from home, one woman on TikTok has shared her method for doing just that.

All you need is an electric fan, a wooden spoon and some tape...

Slice Avocado

Holy guacamole, this avocado chopping hack actually works! What does it entail?

Well, to stop the millennial's fruit of choice from turning to mush, a TikToker suggests slicing them with the skin on.

Clean Car Headlights

It is vital that your car's headlights stay in good working order so as to keep you safe. If yours are fogged up, just use a lemon and some baking soda.

Many online have claimed that this method will save them some serious cash.

Peel Potatoes Without a Peeler


BEST POTATO PEELING HACK 💡 Follow along for more HOLIDAY Hacks & Ideas! #hacks #lifehack

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Want to peel some potatoes but don't have a potato peeler? Well, TikTok has the answer.

All you need is boiling water and some ice. What a time to be alive!

Stop Kids Telling Lies

No matter how good a parent you are, little kids are sometimes prone to telling lies.

Teaching your child to tell the truth is an integral part of raising them, and one woman on TikTok has come up with a very clever hack to make sure they do just that. Somewhat controversially it involves fibbing...

Eat Pineapple

Although pineapples may be delicious, eating them requires a lot of effort. However, it doesn't have to be this way.

One mother recently shared her method for preparing the tropical fruit—and you don't need a knife.

All it takes is some rolling, pounding and bashing, then segments come away in your hand. We can't wait to try it.

Speedily Iron Clothes

The journey to crease-free clothing is long and boring, but one TikToker has taken to the site to share a simple ironing trick that just may help.

First you need to lay out sheet aluminum foil on the board, before putting on a cloth cover. The metal conducts heat so you can iron your clothes in half the time.

Bathe Your Dog


I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom #pugglelife #bathtok #doghacks #FamilyDay TikTokFashionMonth

♬ Rasputin (Single Version) - Boney M.

If your dog hates having a bath, why not try peanut butter? While this one may sound nuts, one TikTok video has shown it is effective.

In the clip the pet can be seen licking it off the side of the tub, as his owner lathers up his fur. "I don't even know I am having a bath. All I know is peanut butter," the caption reads.

Quickly Chill Wine

Nothing is worse than warm white wine. However, when you get that golden nectar home from the store, it can sometimes take a while to chill.

To solve this problem a TikToker has shared a nifty hack, and surprisingly salt plays a major part.

woman with cleaning supplies
A stock image of a woman holding cleaning supplies. TikTok is full of life hacks you didn't know you needed, but now can't live without. iStock

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