The Best Movies That Were Never Nominated for a Single Oscar

The films the Academy ignored completely...
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The Best Movies That Were Never Nominated for a Single Oscar Newsweek

When people think of Oscar injustices, great films that had a near miss at taking Best Picture come to mind, or perhaps incredible acting performances that narrowly lost out to a lesser candidate.

But a number of brilliant movies never even received a single Oscar nomination, let alone an actual award. Some directors known to be among the greatest seemed to be positively loathed by the Academy, and received several unfair rebuffs.

Take Orson Welles, the director of what is widely seen to be the greatest movie ever made, Citizen Kane. That movie was nominated for nine Oscars, although backstage politics ensured that it only won Best Writing (Original Screenplay).

The Academy's distaste for Welles was no small matter—on the night Citizen Kane won, mentions of Welles elicited boos from the crowd. Luckily, Welles had chosen to skip the ceremony entirely. Only one other of his movies ever received a nomination.

But Variety reports that the Academy could still redeem itself, and award Welles another well-deserved Oscar—over thirty years after his death. His final feature, The Other Side of the Wind, is being released in November, having reached the end of a gestation period that began in 1961.

Following the death of his longtime friend Ernest Hemingway, Welles wrote a screenplay about a macho bullfight enthusiast. The movie was shot throughout the 1970s, plagued by production and funding issues, with Welles editing around 40 minutes worth of final film.

However Welles died before completion. The movie languished in relative obscurity until it was announced in 2017 that Netflix would fund its completion. Early reviews suggest it has been worth the wait—but will it continue the Wellsian tradition of being snubbed at the Oscars?

If it is, it's in good company, as this list of the best movies with no Oscar recognition shows. Joining Welles in the brilliant-but-often-overlooked bin are Stanley Kubrick, Jake Gyllenhaal and every comedy that dared to combine smart writing with silliness. These are the best movies which never received an Oscar nomination.

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