The Best Nobel Prize Tweets

Twitter has been buzzing about the president's Nobel prize this morning, and it's been enormously entertaining. Here's a sampling of our favorite tweets so far, a tweet-ology if you will. (Blogging about tweeting, alarmingly postmodern I know.)

Farhad Manjoo, Slate (@fmanjoo)
- Yo Barack, I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish, but Morgan Tsvangirai was one the most peaceful dudes ever.

Pour Me Coffee (@pourmecoffee)
- Nobel committee: Please DO NOT invite Joe Wilson to the awards presentation.

- Obama probably should have started with People Magazine's "Peaciest Man Alive" and worked up to the Nobel.

- Obama named Ricoh District 3 Salesperson of the Year for "presiding over new era of duplication sales and service."

- Nobel committee picks Obama for its fantasy peace team.

Brian Beutler, Talking Points Memo (@brianbeutler)
- RT @SenArlenSpecter: Congratulations President Obama on winning the Nobel Peace Prize/Translation: I'M A DEMOCRAT AND I LOVE YOU

- Conservatives last week: Hooray, America failed! Conservatives this week: Boo, America succeeded :(

- Clearly Obama should appoint an unaccountable Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Czar

Baratunde Thurston, Liberal Political Comedian (@baratunde):
- Possible US/Norway quid pro quo in the Obama #Nobel decision:

Mike Madden, (@mikemadden)
- Oslo must have realized it might take a Nobel laureate to get Blue Dogs, progressives to agree on healthcare reform.

Ana Marie Cox,  Air America (@anamariecox)
- You know who also has a Nobel Peace Prize? Kissinger. (Not actually a joke.)

- Apparently Nobel prizes now being awarded to anyone who is not George Bush.

Ezra Klein, Washington Post (@ezraklein)
- Think the Right is mad now? Wait till Obama donates his winnings to ACORN.

- Obama also awarded Nobel prize in chemistry. "He's just got great chemistry," says Nobel committee.

Richard Kim, The Nation (@richard_kim)
- Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Behaving Like Normal American Imperial President 

Mike Memoli, Real Clear Politics (@mikememoli)
- Breaking: MLB has awarded the Yankees the World Championship in recognition of their pursuit of excellence

Elvis Dingeldein, Writer (@elding)
- Nobel Prize means world only hates CHICAGO, not Obama.

Dave Wiegel, Washington Independent (@davewiegel)
- OK, still laughing at Fark's headline: "Barack Obama linked to terrorist Yasser Arafat"

- Remember when the rest of the world hated our failed president who started two wars? Man, that was awesome.

Matt Ygleasis, Think Progress (@mattygleasis)
- They should institute a Nobel Prize for driving conservatives crazy.

Rosie, not really sure who she is (@rosieandtheband)
- BREAKING: Nobel committee admits the reason Obama won Nobel Prize was for calling Kanye West a jackass

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