The 10 Hottest Real Estate Markets in America

10 Hottest Real Estate Markets in 2019
The 10 Hottest Real Estate Markets in America Getty Images

If you follow real estate news, you've probably heard markets are slowing down. After years of a steady rise in home prices, 2019 is predicted to be a year with more houses up for sale than there are buyers. But this isn't the case everywhere. In fact, some cities are pegged to be red-hot real-estate markets, where both the number of sales and prices will shoot up. identified the 10 best markets in the U.S. by analyzing new home construction, local economies, unemployment rates, median household income and other factors. The top markets represent a diverse swath of America, from the Midwest to the Southeast, from bedroom communities to major metropolises.

"The diversity of these top markets suggests that real estate can thrive anywhere there is a strong local economy," says economist Danielle Hale. "While attracting younger individuals and families who are likely to be first-time buyers can be important, real estate can also thrive in sunny retirement communities."

So what cities are on the rise? Here are the 10 hottest real estate markets in 2019.

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10. Boston, MA

Median list price: $500,675
Predicted sales growth: 3.6%
Predicted price growth: 4.6%

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Boston is increasingly popular with first-time buyers and millennials. In addition to education and the healthcare industry, Boston is increasingly becoming a hub for the tech sector.

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9. Miami, FL

Median list price: $385,050
Predicted sales growth: 3.3%
Predicted price growth: 5%

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Like Las Vegas, Miami was hit hard by the 2008 housing crisis, but the sunshine city is bouncing back. The market is particularly popular among retirees and with international buyers purchasing investment properties.

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8. Boise, ID

Median list price: $330,045
Predicted sales growth: 1.5%
Predicted price growth: 6.9%

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Like other cities on this list, Boise is attracting people from more expensive markets in California, Oregon and Washington State. The downside is that the rise in property prices—13 percent from 2018, according to—has made it difficult for locals to buy new properties.

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7. Las Vegas, NV

Median list price: $320,049
Predicted sales growth: 0.9%
Predicted price growth: 7.9%

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Las Vegas topped’s list last year and it’s still one of the hottest U.S. real estate markets in 2019. The city was hit hard during the the 2008 housing crisis, labeled “ground zero” for the amount of foreclsures and construction sights that sat empty, but since then the “city of sin” has come a long way. The lack of state income tax and low mortage rates have attracted buyers looking to relocate and millenials have moved there thanks to the growing tech industry (Vegas is home to