The Best Shops in Tokyo's Shibuya Neighborhood

Shibuya is an explosion of shopping chaos – we've made it simple and picked out the top shops you MUST visit.

Tokyo's Shibuya boasts department stores, shopping malls, indie shops, high-end boutiques, and hipster fashion, and vintage stores. It's all here. You just have to know where to find it. We sorted through the consumer chaos to find the eight best places to pull out that credit card in Shibuya.

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Shop til you drop in Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood. Getty

Don Quijote

Imagine an extreme hoarder opening up a massive shop where objects were crammed into bins and stalls, overflowing, and making the aisles a consumer tightrope for shoppers. That's kind of what it feels like to be in the curiously named Don Quijote, where you can get everything from booze to clothes to sex toys in one claustrophobic store. Open 24/7, 365 days per year.

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Lighthouse Records

It's like a trip back to the 1990s at this Shibuya record store. Lighthouse specializes in house, techno, disco, and other club-y genres. The vinyl-laden shop houses some hard-to-find records but it's also just a joy to browse in here too.


This subterranean spot is ground zero in Shibuya for the anime and manga lover (and the people who love them). The shop sells hard-to-find collectibles and a lot of used, rare anime manga DVDs and anime toys.

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@mandarake.fukuoka.sofubi 🚀ノンスタンダードコレクション『アストロガンガー』🚀⠀ ⠀ ●アニメ版&レトロ版⠀ ⠀ 5月25日(土)~26日(日)までの2日間のみ各店舗店頭販売を行います!⠀ ⠀ 販売店舗は、⠀ 【中野店SP1、渋谷店、名古屋店、宇都宮店、グランドカオス、うめだ店、小倉店、福岡店、札幌店】⠀ となります。⠀ ⠀ 各店店頭のみの販売となり5月25日(土)~5月26日(日)閉店までの販売です。 各店分はアニメ版、レトロ版ともに1個~2個となります。⠀ お求めのお客様が多い場合は抽選になる場合があります。⠀ ⠀ 各店店頭での販売は初めてなので60cmサイズの大きなアストロガンガーを見に来てください⭐️⠀ ⠀ #アストロガンガー #astroganga #ノンスタンダードコレクション #大まん祭 #daimansai #mandarake #まんだらけ #sofuvi #sofubi #sofvi #sofbi #ソフビ

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Nude Trump

It's not something we really like to imagine. Nude Trump, however, was named for playing cards that had nude pin-up girls on them. Which this shop also has nothing to do with. Instead, it sells an extraordinary hodgepodge of dazzling vintage fashions.

Pulp 417 Édifice

Located inside Shibuya Cast, Pulp sells cool kid streetwear. You need not be a scenester, hipster, or any of their ilk, but you may come out of Pulp looking like one with bags of sneakers, trousers, shirts, sunglasses, and various accessories.

pulp fashion tokyo
Street style at Pulp 417 Édifice. Pulp 417 Édifice

Shibuya 109

A consumer institution in Tokyo, this shopping complex is catnip for teenage girls who come here to eat up the fashion. The 10-floor mall is a great place to start if you're seeking great Japanese female fashions.

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. 【BUBBLES】 . ⑴シースルー生地をまとったワンピースはリボンや レースでフェミニンな印象に。後姿もばっちり♡ . ⑵⑶チェーンストラップが付いたビスチェとミニ丈の プリーツスカートはセットアップ風でお洒落に。 . ⑷レースがワンポイントのキャミソールはインナーで 着こなすのはもちろんレイヤードしても◎ . ⑸ダブルベルトにストーンが輝くローファーは 存在感抜群。厚底デザインでスタイルアップ効果も♩ . ------------------------------------ SHIBUYA109のショップアイテムを 使ったコーディネートを紹介。 @shibuya109official のタグ付けで オシャレな写真をリポストするよ♡ ------------------------------------ . ※紹介するコーディネートには 他のブランドアイテムも含まれます。 .

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Studious Tokyo

Japanese-designed menswear is the forte at this elegant shop. Stop in and pick up one-of-a-kind, only-in-Japan fashions and be sure to hit the souvenir area to discover some neat things to take home.

studious tokyo
Dealing only in Japanese brands, Studious is a chic shop in the heart of Shibuya. Studious

Tokyu Hands

This plus-sized Shibuya shop is fun to wander around, whether you intend to buy something or not. Chances are, you'll walk out with some prized items. That's because Tokyo Hands traffics in an eclectic mix of things: from kitchen gadgets to unique souvenirs. The top floor café is a nice place to rest those shopping-weary feet.

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