Best 'Stranger Things' Fan Reactions, Spoiler Memes After Season 3 Release

Stranger Things Season 3 returned on Thursday with eight new episodes and a series of emotional moments, ready for fan reactions and of course, memes. Twitter flooded with viewer comments Thursday afternoon and Friday after more than a handful of viewers plowed through the new season in one day.

Many of the memes can be considered spoilers because of their comments on twists in the show's later episodes, so if you're still watching, you may want to stop reading now. Here are some of the best memes and reactions to Season 3, and what could lie ahead for the kids and adults of Hawkins, Indiana.

Hopper Stranger Things
Hopper's fate was one of the biggest talking point surrounding 'Stranger Things' Season 3. Netflix

The Duet

One of the season's biggest surprises may have been the NeverendingStory duet between Dustin and Susie. Fans of the show were quick to make a meme of the moment, which added a childlike relationship factor to a more-than-serious situation.

Some memes poked fun at the duet in general, while many pointed to Joyce and Hopper's reaction, as they tried to crack the safe in a dire situation.

(Stranger things 3 spoilers) Suzie forcing Dustin to sing a duet with her while hopper and Joyce tried to crack the code

— claire (@clairemisu) July 5, 2019

Others pointed at Susie for the deaths of some of the series' leading characters, all because of the time here necessary duet took in the ultimate fight to save Hawkins.

spoiler but hopper and billy would still be mf standing if suzie didn’t act like a whole ass clown and I just #StrangerThings #StrangerThings3

— erikka (@capriccunt) July 5, 2019

*Plenty of time left for Hopper and Billy to be saved*

Suzie and Dustin: #StrangerThings

— woah (@DeLaBreezus) July 5, 2019

SPOILER: #StrangersThings3 all ima say is that if suzie would have hurried up maybe hopper would still be alive. Let that sink in

— Katie pearson (@katie122202) July 5, 2019

Alexi and Hopper

A handful of memes also focused on the relationship between Alexi and Hopper, which was frustrating and funny all at once. Viewers seemed to latch on to Alexi as a wholesome character, and mourned his loss, along with Hopper's final fate.

Some of the memes joked about the pair's back and forth on the cherry slurpee Alexi wanted.

Alexei: *explaining how the flavor cherry and strawberry are different*



— ✰fionaaa ✰ (@wlliots) July 5, 2019

Alexi or Alexei was the cutest and they did him wrong. now that i’m thinking about it, i wish hopper had bought him that cherry slurpy and he could watch looney toons in peace

— mert (@itsnotrealmert) July 4, 2019

Hopper and Eleven

From the ultra-emotional letter Hopper wrote Eleven, to leaving the door open three inches, memes about the show's father-daughter relationship ranged from funny to devastating.

hopper when the door isn’t open three inches#StrangersThings3

— rebecca (@tropicpeaches) July 5, 2019

el was wearing the flannel she hugged when she missed hopper back in season 2, when she read the letter. dont fucking touch me.

— kate | ST3 SPOILERS (@boreofilms) July 5, 2019

the speech sheriff hopper wrote for el #StrangerThings3

— valencia (@trashparticIe) July 5, 2019

A fourth season of Stranger Things is planned, though it has not yet been renewed by Netflix. The series first aired in 2016.

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