"Betsy Ross" Nike Shoes Receive $15,000 Offer on eBay as Supply Dwindles

Days after Nike announced it would not sell its "Betsy Ross" flag-themed shoe that had been intended to celebrate the 4th of July holiday, a pair of the shoes listed on eBay had received a bid of $15,000.

Nike said earlier in the week that it would not sell its Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July shoe. The Wall Street Journal said the company pulled the sneaker after former NFL star Colin Kaepernick told the company it should not sell a shoe with a symbol that some consider offensive, given its ties to America's time as a nation with slavery. The flag has also been adopted by hate groups.

While the company's decision sparked a cultural discussion about the significance of the flag and the history of the country, buyers rushed to purchase the shoes, and the price quickly ticked upward.

A pair of the "Betsy Ross" sneakers reportedly sold for $2,500 on e-commerce website StockX after Nike announced that it would be pulling the shoe. But the price has since skyrocketed. By midday Friday, 99 people had bid on a single eBay post, which had received an offer of $15,000.

"I have NEVER seen so many watchers or views, and it has to be the hottest item on eBay right now. Call it patriotism, the need to have something you have been told you can't have, or just a desire for shoe or antique collectors (these could be historical one day), they are paying amazing amounts," Isaiah Miller, the seller of the shoes, told Newsweek in an email.

Miller described himself as a 21-year-old entrepreneur and said that his primary business is on eBay. He said that he had purchased the shoes from another buyer, writing "the seller was getting a LOT of harassment and threats, and so she decided to just sell them to me at a Buy It Now price."

Betsy Ross
A replica Betsy Ross flag is posted on the side of the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on August 27, 2016. Raymond Boyd/Getty Image

Although StockX had removed the resale of the "Betsy Ross" shoe, saying that the product "does not align with our value system," other pairs were still listed at hefty prices on eBay. One pair had received 37 bids and offers up to $5,100. Another, which had not yet received a bid, was listed at $2,500.

Despite the inflated price tag on the "Betsy Ross" shoes, which had originally been expected to sell for $140, the price isn't unheard of.

A pair of Nike Air Mags sold for $40,000 at the Vancouver Air Con in February. Four shoes on StockX had received bids above $15,000. A set of "Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore" shoes had generated a bid of $15,555, while a pair of Nike's "MAG Back to the Future" had received an offer of $45,000.

ebay screenshot
Screenshot from eBay post of "Betsy Ross" shoes. Screenshot from Ebay