Did Hal Cooper Admit He's Black Hood on 'Riverdale'? Betty Confronts Dad About Theory

Riverdale continues to narrow its search for the Black Hood's true identity after Betty Cooper confronted father Hal Cooper with her suspicions Wednesday. The CW's drama's latest episode, "Shadow of a Doubt," showed the Black Hood drama is far from over.

"I think there's a chance that my dad...might be the Black Hood," Betty said. "Cheryl, I don't want my dad to be a murderer. It would destroy our lives even more. I don't know. I can feel it in my bones."

The Black Hood first appeared in Season 1 of Riverdale, admitting he was inspired to murder after Betty (Lili Reinhart) spoke at the 75th Anniversary Jubilee. The murderous villain was long suspected to be Hal, played by Lochlyn Munro. After Riverdale debuted "Prisoners" April 25, many fans—and Betty, too—surmised that Hal was the serial murderer. Betty investigated her suspicions in "Shadow of a Doubt" Wednesday, teaming up with cousin Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) to unearth the truth about her father.

The familial pair examined pages from Hal's planner at The Riverdale Register, noticing dates where he was scheduled to be out of town seemingly matched the dates of the Black Hood's murders. Cheryl, in turn, found Betty's favorite Nancy Drew book at Hal's hotel, which the Black Hood had used to create a code only she could crack. With these findings, Betty spoke with Hal on three occasions throughout the Wednesday episode.

Betty first sat down with her parents to address her connection to the Black Hood, and she spoke with Hal separately to confess her suspicions. Her third conversation with Hal escalated the mystery.

"Meet me at the place where this all began, with my speech at town hall," Betty said to Hal, asking to continue their earlier conversation about him being the Black Hood. "I want it to just be between you and me, just how you wanted it from the beginning. Just like it's supposed to be."

Executive producer Roberto Aguirre Sacasa previously confirmed to Newsweek "mystery, suspense, and relationship drama" will come as fans get closer to the truth—and that promise was delivered Wednesday. While Hal hasn't outright admitted to being the killer, the episode raised the question: Could there be more than one Black Hood?

Multiple murderers aren't out of the question, especially after Archie (K.J. Apa) surmised this in Season 2 episode "The Blackboard Jungle." Early fan predictions speculated this as well. While the possibility of Hal as the Black Hood is stronger than ever, he can't be at two places at once. The Black Hood made an appearance at the mayoral debate, igniting a shootout. Betty quickly sought the whereabouts of her parents, with Hal—much to her confusion—rescuing her. Later, the hooded attacker arrived before Cheryl's doorstep by the episode's end—this was during Betty's talk with suspected killer, Hal.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW.

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Lili Reinhart is pictured as Betty Cooper in a still for "Riverdale" episode "Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness." Betty suspects her dad as the murderous Black Hood. The CW