Beyond Bulletproof: Why Billionaires Are Chasing Everlasting Health

The world's most revolutionary business leaders have a habit of thinking big and redefining what's possible.

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The world's most revolutionary business leaders have a habit of thinking big and redefining what's possible. From Peter Diamandis' interest in stem cell technology to Sergey Brin's $1 billion investment in an anti-aging lab in 2016, billionaires and elite achievers see opportunity where the rest of the world sees closed doors.

Radical life extension sounded like science-fiction when futurist Ray Kurzweil wrote about "living long enough to live forever" 18 years ago, but the anti-aging market is worth an estimated $65 billion today. The funding might even double in the next eight years, and all that research means you stand a good shot at living many decades longer than your ancestors. Of course, that will only happen if you stick around long enough to access the technology.

While those miracle drugs won't be available for years, there are things you can do right now to battle the effects of aging. And if living into the next millennium is part of your master plan, you need to stay healthy and vibrant today so you don't die before Alphabet or Amazon finds the cure for aging.

Reversing the Ageing Process Right Now

What can you do to stay healthy and fight the aging process today? I'm not going to drone on about antioxidants, exercise and getting enough sleep. You probably already know about those things.

Instead, I'm going to focus on something many high achievers overlook as they run from one massive goal to the next. I'm going to dive into mindset and explore how a permanent mental shift can potentially improve your physical health. As a human potential coach, I've seen countless clients, including CEOs of billion-dollar businesses, achieve extraordinary breakthroughs that result in healthier, metabolically younger bodies and minds.

Beyond "Feel Good" Positive Thinking

Let's be clear, nobody comes to me for wishful thinking or daily affirmations. Every day, CEOs and other high achievers face people who try to tell them what they want to hear, but I do the opposite. I tell them what they need to hear because positive thinking alone — without a massive shift in their underlying belief system — won't get them very far. If that actually worked, I could point them to a new-age TikTok page and be done with it.

The kind of transformation I'm talking about demands rigorous honesty and self-awareness. It involves looking at your life in its entirety, seeing how every element fits together to identify what's working and what isn't. Are you earning seven or eight figures per year while neglecting your marriage? Have you built a thriving business but struggle to maintain morale because your employees are afraid of you? Are your relationships and health suffering because work consumes your life?

These are just a few of the challenges high-achievers face. Many go years without addressing the so-called elephant in the room, and over time it eats away at their mental and physical health. It often isn't until some friend, colleague or coach comes along and nudges them toward seeing that giant elephant. Only then do they decide to make a change, and that's when real transformation happens.

A Rapid Shift in Mind and Body

Through deep, impactful work that elicits emotion, you can rewrite beliefs and change behavior patterns. After all, beliefs are at the root of what we think, how we feel and what we do. By changing your deeply ingrained beliefs, you can unlock your own creative genius and radically transform every aspect of your life.

The kind of results are varied, and I can only speak to specific improvements from my clients — some of whom have seen positive changes when it comes to various health problems. While the results — like improved physical appearance or better outcomes from disease — may not look the same for each person, transformation is possible through the deep, impactful work clients perform.

The Science Behind the Results

It should be no surprise these days that the mind and the body are closely connected, and that living a life where your thought patterns align with your vision and your values leads to a stronger, healthier body.

Researchers at Harvard University studied thousands of patients and found that a form of mindset modification called resilience training resulted in a 43% drop in the use of medical services. After growing stronger mentally and developing a deeper sense of purpose, the test subjects reported fewer illnesses and required less treatment.

Countless additional studies have shown a similar correlation, suggesting that a stronger, healthier mind slows down the aging process.

Achieving Mental Excellence

The path to a better mind-body connection begins with a personal mental revolution. I call this developing mental excellence. Billionaires are driven to achieve excellence in all areas, from business to family life. Complete success begins with mental excellence, and everything else flows from there.

This raises an important question. What leads highly successful people to pursue this type of profound transformation in the first place?

Many of my clients come to me because, despite their gorgeous homes, impressive portfolios and beautiful families, they remain unfulfilled on some level. They've done amazing things, but some part of them has bought into the myth that they cannot truly have it all. That belief is holding them back.

If this is how you're feeling today, I'm here to dispel the myth. I believe you can have it all — financial and business success, fulfilling relationships, optimal health and enduring happiness. My clients prove this to me every day.

But mental excellence doesn't happen by chance. Great lives don't just happen — they are created. If you're ready to begin that inner work, here is a quick, simple exercise that will get you started.

Grab a pen and paper and start writing about everything that isn't working in your life. How is your mental health? Physical health? How is your sleep? How is your marriage? Your happiness? Your confidence? Are you at peace? Do you feel that you are performing at your peak potential?

You can write in long form, or you can simply rate each category from 1 to 5 (5 being perfect). The only requirement is rigorous honesty. People always try to look good, and as much as I understand it, this is not the time. If you can resist the temptation to stroke your ego, this exercise will give you a great deal of clarity. It will spell out where you are now and show you where you need to focus, which is the first step toward mental excellence.

What often stands in the way of a brilliant, thriving life are the blind spots that even the world's most powerful people fail to see. The good news is that once these men and women become aware of those blind spots, they can use their focused, driven nature to transform their mental state.

This expansion of consciousness has a cascading effect that can help make them stronger and more effective in every arena. It can support an exponential transformation that empowers them to take complete control of their lives, reach new heights and thoroughly dominate the competition.

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