Here's What's in Biden's $1.75T Framework for Expanding Social Programs

President Joe Biden is expected to unveil Thursday a $1.75 trillion expansion of the social safety net that will fund universal pre-kindergarten, subsidized child care, expanded access to home health care for seniors, efforts to curb climate change, hearing coverage for seniors on Medicare, and other priorities Biden had set out on his agenda.

The $1.75 trillion price tag falls far short of the more than $3 trillion that Democrats had originally sought, after pushback from moderate Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, whose votes are necessary for passage in the upper chamber where Democrats hold just 50 seats. It also doesn't include some policies Biden had sought, such as paid family leave and efforts to lower prescription drug prices.

"President Biden is confident this is a framework that can pass both houses of Congress, and he looks forward to signing it into law," a senior administration official told reporters Thursday morning.

According to the White House, the framework will guide the drafting of legislative language, as the actual text is still in development.

Progressive Democrats in the House have balked for weeks at the idea that a simple "framework" would be enough assurance to allow them to end their hold on a separate $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that won bipartisan support in the Senate and just needs a final House vote for passage.

It's unclear whether there is a complete buy-in that can guarantee the passage of both bills.

Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal, a Washington Democrat, told reporters at the Capitol Thursday morning that the framework would "show tremendous momentum" but may not be enough for her caucus to support.

"What we said consistently is that we want to see what's actually in the bill—we want to see the legislative text," she said. "Assuming that we're fine with that we'll vote both bills through at the same time."

Biden has spent months holding private meetings with various factions of Democrats from the far left to the party's most moderate members. He is meeting with Democrats on Capitol Hill Thursday morning before a public address on the framework. Afterward, the president is scheduled to depart for Europe for a week.

Here's what's in Biden's framework, per an outline provided by the White House:

  • Implementing universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds.
  • Limiting child care costs for working families to no more than 7 percent of income.
  • Expanding existing Medicaid home care program for older people and people with disabilities and improving working conditions for home care workers.
  • Extending child tax credit for another year.
  • Expanding clean energy tax credits to encourage clean utilities, vehicles, and manufacturing.
  • Implementing investments and incentives to address extreme weather and the climate crisis.
  • Creating a Civilian Climate Corps.
  • Creating incentives to spur new domestic supply chains and technologies in clean energy fields like solar, batteries and advanced materials, while boosting the competitiveness of existing industries like steel, cement, and aluminum.
  • Incentives for government to be the purchaser of next-gen technologies.
  • Extending expanded Affordable Care Act premium tax credits through 2025.
  • Extending Medicare coverage to include hearing.
  • Investing in affordable rental and single-family homes, rental and down payment assistance, and public housing.
  • Raising the maximum Pell grant; providing support to Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, Minority Serving Institutions, and Tribal Colleges and Universities.
  • Investing in workforce development, including expanding community college workforce programs, sector-based training, and apprenticeships.
  • Extending the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit for childless workers for a year.
  • Growing targeted investments in areas such as maternal health, community violence initiatives, Native communities, disadvantaged farmers, nutrition and pandemic preparedness, and supply chain resilience.
Joe Biden to meet with Capitol Dems
The US Capitol in Washington, DC, on October 28, 2021 - President Joe Biden will meet Thursday with Democratic Party leaders on his signature social spending legislation, then address the nation before leaving for summits in Europe, the White House said. According to US news reports, Biden is set to announce a revised spending package that he expects his party will now support, ending weeks of internal wrangling. MANDEL NGAN / AFP/Getty Images