Biden Leads Trump by 25 Points in New York: Poll

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden currently holds a 25-point lead over President Donald Trump in New York, according to a new poll.

The poll, which was conducted Sienna College Research Institute, surveyed 806 New York state registered voters from June 23 to June 25. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 percentage points.

According to the poll, 57 percent of the poll's respondents said they would vote for Biden if the 2020 presidential election were held today, compared with 32 percent who said they would vote for Trump. The remaining 10 percent said they didn't know or had no opinion on the question.

Among different age groups, the poll found that Biden's largest support comes from younger voters. According to the poll, 71 percent of New York registered voters between the ages of 18 and 34 chose Biden as their preferred candidate, while 20 percent of the same group sided with Trump.

For voters between the ages of 35 and 54, 50 percent said they would vote for Biden and 39 percent said they'd vote for Trump.

This poll also found that more New York voters have a favorable opinion on Biden than they do for Trump. Of the poll's respondents, 53 percent said they have a favorable view of Biden, while 39 percent said they had an unfavorable opinion. The remaining 8 percent said they didn't know.

On the other hand, the poll found that 33 percent of respondents said they have a favorable opinion on Trump compared with 62 percent that said the opposite.

In addition to a majority of New York voters saying they have an unfavorable opinion on Trump, the poll also found how the same group grades Trump's job as president. According to the poll, 56 percent of respondents said that Trump is doing a "poor" job as president while 12 percent said "fair," 17 percent said "good" and 14 percent said "excellent."

Joe Biden
Joe Biden arrives to speak about the Affordable Care Act during an event at the Lancaster Recreation Center on June 25, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In a poll of New York registered voters, 71 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 34 chose Biden as their preferred candidate. Joshua Roberts/Getty

When looking at response to the coronavirus pandemic, the poll found that more New Yorkers approve of Governor Andrew Cuomo's response as compared to Trump's. According to the poll, 76 percent said they approve of Cuomo's response while only 32 percent said the same for Trump. In comparison, 64 percent said they disapprove of Trump's response while 21 percent said the same for Cuomo.

A separate poll, conducted by NPR/PBS/Marist College, found Trump trailing Biden nationally, by 8 points. This poll surveyed 1,640 U.S. adults from June 22 to June 24 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

RealClearPolitics also shows Biden leading Trump by an average of 9.2 points, across several different national conducted polls.

Newsweek reached out to the campaign offices for both Biden and Trump for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.