Joe Biden Says 'Get Off Twitter' After Donald Trump's Tweet Tirade While Recovering From COVID

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden shared a GIF of him saying "get off Twitter" after his election rival President Donald Trump embarked on a signature mass-posting session on the social media platform.

The president shared more than 40 posts in the space of two hours, with a mixture of tweets and retweets, touching upon topics such a stimulus and dismissing allegations of Russian collusion with his 2016 campaign.

Following the raft of posts from Trump, Biden took to the platform to send a GIF of himself saying "get off Twitter," along with the message: "Please."


— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 7, 2020

It appears to mark a continued dismissive tone towards Trump from Biden, with the Democrat having told him to "shut up" during last week's election debate.

Trump's stream of posts on Twitter came as he continues to be treated following his COVID-19 diagnosis.

He was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for care and has since returned to the White House.

While at the medical facility, Trump still continued to tweet—at one point sharing more than a dozen posts in less than half an hour, many calling upon people to vote with varying reasons as to why.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has regularly used Twitter to share updates and to target adversaries.

Biden has oft been a target, who has in turn used Twitter to take shots at the president. And while Trump has amassed a greater following than Biden, the Democrat has done a better job at engaging the ones he has.

A post he shared where he approved a message from Trump saying supporters would never see him again if he lost the election was viewed more than 15 million times.

The pair have also clashed on other platforms, with a post shared on Biden's Facebook amid the debate last week calling Trump the worst president ever becoming his most popular status update of the year.

He also recently took to Twitter to criticize the president's call to end stimulus negotiations.

The pair's continued clashing comes amid speculation the next presidential debate could be scrapped, due to Trump having tested positive for COVID-19.

Trump has insisted he wants to debate Biden, though Biden and the mayor of Miami, where the event will be held, have said he should not attend if he continues to test positive.

Newsweek has contacted the Biden and Trump campaigns and the White House for comment on Biden's "get off Twitter" tweet.

Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate, speaks at the Lodges at Gettysburg October 6, 2020, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He and President Donald Trump have frequently criticized each other on social media of late. Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images