Biden's 'America Last' Immigration Agenda | Opinion

President Joe Biden is willing to destroy his presidency (and the country) over immigration just to prove that he is not Donald Trump.

The New York Times cites Biden allies who call his immigration policies "a humane response to four years of President Donald J. Trump's assault on immigrants." An article in Politico claims Trump "attacked immigration in all its forms." Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) says Biden's immigration actions are part of the Democrats' "mandate" to fix "our immigration system, which is a cornerstone of Trump's hateful horror show."

Here's a tip, Democrats: Trump was all talk, no action. As for the "mandate," I don't know that there's a ringing "mandate" for anything from an election so close that it wasn't decided for four days—but I read any "mandate" that may exist as more Drop the obnoxious bombast, not Please fling open the borders and bring in immigrants to take our jobs!

On his first day in office, Biden suspended essentially all deportations, even at the border. Illegal aliens who show up at our border today are being greeted with everything except a glass of champagne and a red carpet. They get free health care, free housing and an effectively free path to any friends or relatives they may have in the U.S. interior.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Biden administration has banned air travelers from about three dozen countries. Even those coming from non-banned countries must produce negative COVID tests before boarding the plane and are asked to quarantine for a minimum of seven days after arriving.

But if you sneak across the border illegally, all those requirements are waived! At least our country isn't suffering through a viral pandemic so dangerous that children can't go to school. Otherwise, incentivizing Latin America's downtrodden to flood our hospitals might not be a smart move.

The average denizen of Tegucigalpa is more familiar with changes to our immigration policies than most Americans are—and certainly more than American journalists are. The caravans south of the border are already forming. If this is not open borders, then the term has no meaning.

And that's just for illegal immigration.

U.S.-Mexico border in Eagle Pass, Texas
U.S.-Mexico border in Eagle Pass, Texas Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In a sneaky move that only Neil Munro at Breitbart seems to have noticed, Biden's immigration proposal gives employers an unlimited supply of foreign workers. We will effectively be paying employers to give jobs to non-Americans.

Currently, there's a cap on how many foreign workers can take American jobs each year. But under Biden's proposal, all foreign students enrolled in U.S. universities will have the right to stay and work in this country for 10 years—and after that, they will be awarded green cards.

In lieu of better working conditions or decent salaries, employers get to offer green cards to foreign students. And there's no cap on these student workers.

As a bonus, we'll be subsidizing employers who hire foreigners over Americans (or, for that matter, legal immigrants already here): Companies don't pay payroll taxes on their foreign student employees, saving them more than 8 percent per worker. Who cares about the minimum wage when you're not on the hook for payroll taxes?

Americans have just suffered through a hellish year of mass unemployment and economic devastation—especially in travel, hospitality, restaurants, movie theaters, the performing arts and personal services. Ten million people are still out of work. After pitching in to stop the spread of a viral pandemic—we're all in this together!—it turns out that we're actually not all in this together.

"Lunch bucket Joe" is frantically working to immiserate the working class and middle class...all because Trump said some mean things about immigrants.

Midterm elections are next year. What will the employment situation be with a million more low-wage workers entering the country between now and then? How about all the white-collar workers with no employment prospects as foreign students fill up tech jobs—or any job where the employer would enjoy not having to pay the payroll tax? How will Americans rate Biden's handling of health care and the economy after they've been forced to train their foreign replacements and then to compete with them for vaccines, COVID tests and spots in the emergency room?

Why not just leave Americans alone?

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