Biden's Gaffe Becomes a Money Spinner

I have a story out today about the political left's gradual but warm embrace of Vice President Joe Biden. Upon his selection, liberals were pleased enough with Biden, but their attention was steadfastly trained on the top of the ticket. It was Obama, not his veep, who embodied a riveting vision of social change for the left. Any vice president who didn't distract from that mission would do—someone who could be the occasional attack dog, even better. But since taking office, Biden as slowly emerged as a friend of progressives. You can read my account of how here.

One thing I wished I'd come across in reporting it, though, was this nugget from CNN: Organizing for America, the remaining political arm of the Obama campaign, is raising money off of Biden's big effin' gaffe. CNN reports that donors giving $25 or more can receive a limited edition T shirt sporting the catchphrase HEALTH REFORM IS A BFD. What's more, the shirt is apparently "a super-soft, fine jersey" (men's) or "baby rib" (women's) cotton fabric. Mmm, lovely. I'm sure Biden would approve.

To promote the shirts, OFA sent an e-mail to supporters. "There are things that are a big deal—birthdays, anniversaries, the NCAA Championship game," OFA wrote. "And then there are things that are a BFD, like delivering health insurance to 32 million Americans." There's no word yet on the popularity of the shirts, but it's a nice example of Democrats turning Biden's voluble but well-intentioned persona into an asset.